Saturday, November 12, 2011

♥♪♫ Classic Hardware Jewelry! ♫♪♥

Today I want to dedicate this post to a very awesome shop, Classic Hardware! And an extra shout out to another great shop, sassyNpunk boutique!  
A few weeks ago, hosted a giveaway that was sponsored by Classic Hardware for these prizes:
I was seriously lucky and blessed to have actually won such great prizes!! I heard the announcement of my winning on Monday 11/7 and I was seriously overwhelmed with joy, especially after having such a stressful week due to school and problems at home! The staff of this site are so SWEET and CARING! I was contacted by the lovely Deirdre Hartman and she was such a sweetheart ^__^
She was so helpful and informal throughout the whole process :)
They made every piece custom to order and so they started on these cute items in the morning, and had to ready to ship out by Thursday! Since I lived pretty close to Burbank, (1-2 hours away), I was supposed to get my package on Friday 11/11, but it was a holiday so I got it this morning on 11/12!
This was the first time I ever received a giveaway package that I won and I was really excited~! Last month I won some earrings but they never came yet, and I'm not sure if they got lost or whatnot so I tried to not let up my hopes so high for this win, but in the end my package came in less than a week and Deirdre made me feel so warm and comforted during the week with her friendly messages ;)

Anyways, I took some photos of everything!:

Look at how careful they are with the packaging! Love it!
I'm loving the stickers on the package ^__^
My heart was beating so fast at this point LOL~
SO CUTE! *teartear* I felt so touched by the kindness (♥︶︹︺)
Such a friendly message :) LOVE THEM~!!(◡‿◡✿)
WOAH! So gorgeous~ I LOVE these art! and the design... *speechless*
It's a pin! You can put it many places~
It made a great addition to my shirt ^___^
I am in LOVE with this ring! I love unicorns :D super colorful and happy~! I was a bit confused because this isn't the ring that was in the giveaway photo, but I am still loving it 110%!!♥
 I opened the last box and... Wow it was breath-taking!
This was seriously great because I didn't have a wallet before and I was literally stuffing money in my pockets! Last week I even was SUPER close to losing $20 because my pants pocket was too small~ I will seriously put this to good use and try to keep it safe :)
Photo of everything together:


Once again, I want to thank sassyNpunk boutique for having this giveaway, and Classic Hardware for sponsoring it~ These shops have had some of the best customer service I've ever experienced and I am sure I will purchase from them in the near future :D

I highly recommend you to check out these shops, especially since Christmas is coming up and their products would make wonderful gifts for you and the people who you care about. ^___^

By the way, if you want any of the jewelry that I received, check it out here:

Check out their facebook pages for updates!


Mimi said...

Those are amazing! So gorgeous~ ^^

Banny said...

Everything is so pretty and nicely made!
I lovveeee the ring, so adorable!

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