Friday, November 4, 2011

♥My First Holiday Giveaway!♥ (INTERNATIONAL) **CLOSED**

I am finally going to host a giveaway!! (◕‿◕)♥
I've been feeling generous lately and been wanting to host one for quite a few weeks now, because last month I won a pair of earrings and it was one of the best feelings ever! Even if it was a small prize, the feeling of being lucky enough to win made my day and had me smiling all day long ^___^
So now I want to be able to share my joy and make some lucky people smile!
Plus, the holiday season is around the corner and I love giving presents to make people super happy! 
If you don't win this time, don't be too sad! I will host more future giveaways and each time you enter, I'll give you an extra entry! Plus, I really hope no one gets too sad if they don't win, on the bright side there are many other giveaways online to enter (I usually post up giveaways hosted by others every week or so) also, be happy for what you have and cherish the beautiful moments in life~

 2 Dolly Winks eyelashes (upper&bottom for a complete look)!! Why? I have extra sets I do not use (waiting to get diamond lash) and  I know that many girls would LOVE to have Dolly wink lashes, but many can't because either expensive, or hard to get.
1 small Hello Kitty tote, 2 HK figures, 1 pair of blue-rimmed heart shades
I got all these on sale but don't do anything with them, so maybe the winner can put them to good use ;)

1 Mamegoma towelette, 1 pink keychain mirror/comb, 1 set of false lashes (with 3 crystals on the sides),
1 panda keychain  (it says I love you! when you squeeze his belly!)
1 Peacock Earring and 1 Peacock Ring!
I have an extra pair of these, soo...

A close up on the pink comb/mirror keychain:

See the cute little lace and bears?! I bought like 3 of these in Chinatown
Once again, here is how everything looks! I hope the winner smiles big :)

 Also, for a few of you who do not win, I will send you a card with some stickers! I will post up details of this later in a few days though, it will be called my "Mini Holiday Giveaway" and it will require a separate entry because I'm not sure who would want it, and who wouldn't care for it

Anyways, please fill out the form~! My main requirement is that you must be a follower of this blog. Also, if you already followed my blog before this giveaway, I will add 2 extra entries for you~! I will check each entry to make sure everything is alright~
The main bonus is by posting up this giveaway so that maybe some of your friends would love to participate, you know? But that's all for now, because I want to keep this nice and simple~
No duplicate entries! If you know you accidently sent one, please comment below.



Nana said...

Oh I just read about you going to do a giveaway on your older post 2 min before you updated this one! Hahaha

Marion ♥ said...

Best giveaway! :O ♥

cominica said...

thanks for this giveaway, aww >.< <3 <3

Pinkbuble said...

First time in your blog! and I like your blog!!
I'll follow ur blog, mind to follow me back?

Lita said...

So cute! :) Lovely giveaway :)

CupcakeChisa said...

Cute Giveaway!! Love all items, specially panda keychain, is so cute!

ღ jenwoonani said...

LOVEEEE!! Good luck to everyone!!

myoubi said...

Whee cute give away <3

Tetsu said...

This giveaway is so cute... the Panda! *__*

EveryDay Makeup blog said...

This is so cool. I blogged about it.

silirama said...

love your giveaway

Zelle ♥ said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

María (mei) said...
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María (mei) said...

Thanks for the giveaway~~~<3<3

Sherry Lykins said...

bThanks for the giveaway!

Ribka said...

I love Panda!! :D thanks for the giveaway.

prettyandfab said...

can't find the submit button :(

anyway, i soooo love your giveaway!!

Vyvy said...

Don't worry, I will enter the information for you!

Sasu said...

Name: Sasu
country: germany


I really love you give away *_*
i post it also on twitter!/Ruuki_
and i did the picture on my sidebar

i hope i have luck ;_;

JunJun said...

country: germany


sorry for double post im a little confused,i hope i sent it. if not, please count this entry!
( ´艸`)

Vyvy said...

don't worry Junjun, I will count it ^^ and good luck to everyone!!

Aik said...

Love this giveaway! :)

Setsuna Meronpan said...

Name: Setsuna
Country: Germany
Google Name: SetsuMeronpan
Blog Post:

This give-away is one of the cutest I've ever seen *-*

Kohana said...

name:Kohana [IcePrincess]


Friend name:Kohana

folower: no but I've read it so


comment:im happy :D that a very great giveaway <3
i have a giveaway too but not so cute but not as sweet as yours ^^ XD

Sara Yasmine said...

name:Kohana [IcePrincess]
Name : Sara Yasmine


followed you !!


arra said...


dont see send button:(
So,heres my entry:

gfc: arra(new follower)

bertuzzimargherita said...

Google Friend Connect:Miku

Federica said...

Done, cute prices *w*

Florinda said...

Entered! finger crosse! ;)

l0ckheart said...

Great giveaway!

berry'n'cheese said...

Super cute stuff and super cute efforts to have this giveaway :)

Drea ♪ said...

No submit button D:

Name: Andrea
Country: Netherlands
GFC: Drea
I added this giveaway to my sidebar:

Thank you for this giveaway! So many cute things! ^__^

Anonymous said...

Submit button didn't work for me either so...

Name: Sky
Email: fragileiris (at) gmail (dot) come
Country: USA
GFC: Sky

It's a lovely giveaway. I come by your blog every so often, but just recently used GFC. Thank you for the wonderful winning chance.

Jin said...

submit buttom doesn't work....

Name: Jenny
Country: Finland
GFC: Jin

I love your blog!!:D

Barbi said...

i can't find submit button:/

name: Barbi
country: hungary
GFC: Barbi

thank youu^^

just Jennifer :3 said...


Name: Jennifer
Country: Holland
Google friend connect: xjenniifer

YES i was a follower before your give away started ;D
Side bar pic:

Hopee you can enter me with this > <
cuz i can't see the submit button ; -;


Hi Miss VyVy..
Name : Mutiara Tanjung Mas
GFC ID : mutiara tanjung (New)
email :
Country : Indonesia
Link :

i love your blog,and thank you..wish me luck :)

clara said...

thanx!! I join your giveaway!! :)

Beata Megan said...

cute! <3

KISUKE405D said...
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KISUKE405D said...

still kind of new to the blog thing but this giveaway sounds awesome! xD thanks for hosting it!

Name: Kisuke
Country: Australia

Katarzyna said...

Name: Katarzyna
email: gogunia3(at)wp(dot)pl
Country: Poland
GFC: Katarzyna

Thank you! :)

ellis webb said...

name: Ellis webb
Country: England

thankssss ^ ^

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Angel said...

name: soniya
GFC: angel

shineeview said...

name: chris
GFC: shineeview

Taylala said...

I'm sorry it wouldn't let me submit!

Name: Taylala
Country: UK
GFC: Taylala

Naru said...

I love it. ;)

Crystal Chan said...

I like the towellete it so KAWAII!!

Mary said...

Everything is so cute in this giveaway. Good luck everyone!

Mary said...

I am not sure if it accepted my entry. When I made the comment below it disappeared.
Mary Dailey
United States
GFC name Mary Dailey and I was not a follower before the giveaway, but I am now.
I tweeted about the giveaway!/MaryDailey2/status/145658358320467969

Sissi said...

Sooo cute!!!!!!! *-*

piukina said...

enter me ^^

GFC piukina

country Italy


xirah quero said...

glaiza rica bonglay
xirah quero

Perełciaaa!!;]] said...

ale zajebiste tooo!
gdzie kupiłaś??;p

Awa Zakiyah Darajat said...

Hi Miss VyVy, your giveaway is awesome, I hope I can win this contest :)
Can't find submit button :
# Name : Awa Zakiyah Darajat
# Email :
# GFC ID : Awa Zakiyah Darajat
# Country : Indonesia
# Link :
# Sidebar :
Wish me luck...thanks

Rosa-kreattiva said...

ti ho conosciuta per caso e sono felice di partecipare sperando che la fortuna mi premi e ci sia un pacchetto in più sotto l'albero per me ;-)
ti ho condiviso su incrocio le dita e ti auguro buon natale rosa.kreattiva

Tiffany-kim said...

Name : Tiffany Nguyen
Country : United States
GFC : Tiffany-kim

Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

KAMImikaKAZE said...

Name: Mika
country: Germany
GFN: kami-mika-kaze
Bonus: kami-mika-kaze

i really like u´r blog and this giveaway ist so cool!
you like the same stuff like i do...
i would recommend u too read my blog... but because my english is so poor i write everything in german-.-.
so! keep on going =D

Alessia said...

GFC follower: Fabulosity
mail: alelale at
country: Italy

Therese said...

I'm in!

Kiki Paul said...

Couldn't see the button, so here's my entry:

Name: Kiki Paul



Country: United States

Link: I Posted about this on my blog!

Comment: wooooah! Such a nice giveaway! How generous of you! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

Anonymous said...

my entry :

Name : Jesslyn (Lyne)

Country : Indonesia

Email :

GFC Name : lynlyne

My Blogpost about this giveaway :

My comment : your giveaway was awesome because it's internationally :)
I hope I have a chance to try Dolly Wink lashes and your cute accecories. really love it <3

min-min said...

Name: Sarah
Country: London - England
GFC: min-min
Blog post link:
Comments: this is the cutest blog I've seen! And wondering if you're from UK yourself?

good luck everyone ^o^

Crystal said...

Wow I love Dolly Winks eyelashes too !!
I saw many ppl use No.1
I like No.5 the most~~ ;)
I have just wrote about Dolly Winks' product at my blog ;)do u mind come at have a look?

Jenny said...

You have such a cute blog! :)

I should try to entry:

Name: Jenny
Country: Finland

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