Monday, March 5, 2012

Leap Year Birthday!

Gosh, it feels so long since I last posted! I've been busy with school and birthday preparations (there was my friend's birthdays on the 18, 22, my mom's on the 28, and mine on the 29)

Leap year was so fun! There were quite a few places offering freebies LOL so I was like sweet! For example, Sprinkles Cupcakes is a popular but pricey cupcake place that sells cupcakes like 3.25 each? They had a deal where if you were born on leap year then you can get a free dozen cupcakes if you brought in your ID! I live like 25 min away but it was so worth the drive T_T

Denny's also had a deal where there was a 29% off your check on leap year, so I went there for my birthday with my closest friends ^^ I also got a free birthday grand slam LOL score!
 My last freebie of the day was boba!! ^__^

Other pics of the food&presents I had that week:

 After I ate green tea ice cream, it melted into a heart shape!!!

How was everyone's week? <3