Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day! + Tumblr Addiction

How was everyone's Valentines Day? Mine was seriously hectic, waking up at 6 AM to go to school then get home by 12, then bake for 2 hours, make my bf's sister a card, get dressed up, then deliver cupcakes, then rush back home to make it for my date.. LOL *exhausted*
I wish I can relive it though, school is getting tougher and I am falling behind >.<
I would say that I am excited for the weekend, but I have to study for a very long timeeee for my first midterm of the semester! *sweat*

BTW I joined tumblr and am hooked!!

Photo time~!

This is what I made for my boyfriend:
This is what he made for me:
His first ever love letter to me!! LOL

What my bff Mimi gave to me:

Our VERY expensive date.. Cost $100 :'( fancy much?

Edit: Since someone asked..
I am wearing Dolly Wink #2 Lashes, and my necklace is from hottopic

By the way a cute blogger buddy Aki is having a lens giveaway!
It ends on my BIRTHDAY!! My 5th birthday ;)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Princess Mimi Apple Green Lenses~!

Princess Mimi Apple Green
Where did I get mine? Shoppingholics!
 I won these lenses from Jaechie x Shoppingholics Giveaway~!

I really enjoy Shoppingholics way of wrapping the lenses because not only is it super safe, but it is so irresistable!!! The plastic bag it comes in is adorable, and the little box the lenses are in is super cute too! Not to mention the free animal lens case~! Yay ❤
Note: the bottom two GIFs I am not wearing lower lashes~
Also, I am wearing Dolly Wink lashes #2 Sweet Girly~
Also, sorry for the horrible quality, my camera front lens sucks now >.<
What I rate these lenses:

These are pretty dark lenses on me indoors, but when I'm outdoors I like how it doesn't stand out too much, but still pretty good amount! These are perfect for a not too bold look and go good with both dramatic and subtle/more natural looking lashes! Personally, I find the Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown harder to wear with natural looking lashes because that lens is much more bold looking.  Overall, I really do love these lenses!! I can see myself wearing this for any occasion. Would I buy these lenses again? Heck yes! In fact, I already have a backup pair hahah~

Want a pair? Shoppingholics sells it for 23.90!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Crystal Collagen Lip Mask Review + Princess Mimi Sesame Grey~!

Crystal Collagen Lip Mask
"** Crystal Collagen Lip Mask **
Quantity: 5 pcs
With 100% natural collagen and Vitamin B5,
to quickly be absorbed into the skin and reactivate the dormant cells.
Use twice a week, 15-20 mins each time.
Massage the remaining essence into the skin."

Price: $5.15
Purchase at:

In December I received a free lip mask when I purchased a my Almond Brown lenses. I finally used it last month! I was going to buy more, but I decided not to for a while since I've been broke from school fees the past few weeks >.<

I don't know which way/how to wear it exactly, but all I do know is..
This photo really creeps me out... hahaha

-Pretty cheap and affordable (barely over $1 a mask)
-Makes the lips REALLY soft right after the use
-Natural collagen+Vitamin B5 = Good!

-It does not really give much immediate noticable long lasting effects after 1 usage, since my lips returned to it's old dried cracky self within a few hours

Additional comments:
-It feels so soft and squishy
-Does not really smell weird, but try not to taste it (subtle strange taste LOL)
-I only used it once, so if you use it several times the results will probably be much better
-Results will vary depending on your lips really

I rate this product about: 3.5/5 (Based on 1 try)
Do I recommend purchasing it? It can be worth a shot since it's only about $8 total with shipping and you can try it 5 times. Winter season really knows how to damage your lips and I don't know any other lip masks. You can just keep using chapstick, but personally I find masks to be very fun to do! Also, this mask has collagen and Vitamin B5 (don't know what those are? search it up because there is lots of information on it)


Princess Mimi Sesame Grey!

I've decided to take my reviews to GIF form! ❀(◕‿~)

Here's how it looks with a more "Dramatic" look and a more "Innocent" look
Left: Diamond Lash- Angel Eye(upper), and Lovely Eye(lower)
Right- Dolly Wink #1- Dolly Sweet

-Look #1 with the thicker lashes goes well with this big diameter of a lens

-Look #2 is more subtle makeup which makes my eyes look pretty huge and bulbous, but I actually kind of like it (I swear it looks better in person LOL) However, I wish I had a natural looking false lower lash to go with it. I probably should of just tried to wear my Diamond Lash Lower Lovely Eye with it instead of mascara. I used Fairy Drops HbG mascara for the lower lashes, but it did not pop up well in the pics/GIFs >.<

What I rate these lenses:


-These are now in my top 3 favorite lenses!! They were the last that I tried of the Bambi series, and one of the best! My least favorite from that series is probably Apple Green since the color does not really pop out that well on me in my opinion. Probably looks much better on people with lighter eyes!