Wednesday, November 23, 2011

~Sewing Diary #1 - Detachable Collars!~

This week I had the whole week off from school for Thanksgiving break~!
I thought it would be more fun, but I've been just at home 85% of the time x)
So with all the free extra time I decided to get back into sewing a bit!
Black Friday I will probably try to find a sewing machine so I can bring back my sewing hobby~
Hope you all have a good Holiday weekend, and if you go black friday shopping, I hope you stay safe~! ^___^

Anyways, the past 2 days I had my first attempt at making...

I used a pattern from here:
I edited the pattern when I cutted it out, because I'm too lazy to sew beads on~

First Attempt:
I sewed it so crooked because I wasn't sure what I was doing LOL >__<

Second Attempt:
I sewed this one much better than the first LOL, now I got experience so I fix my mistake~!! ^___^
More Heart Lace

I don't really know what to wear with these much haha, hopefully I will be more successful with my next few attempts =p

The fabrics and laces I got all from small local fabric boutiques which were family owned, so they have no website sorry~

Once again if you want to make one, go to this link:


ღ jenwoonani said...

OMG, cute!!! I love them! How clever! You should open a blogshop and start selling these! :D They are so kawaii!

Zeruda said...

so cute!! I always wanted to try to make a collar myself but never came across any pattern! Thank you so much for the link! :D

エミリー❤ said...

ahhhh that is so awesome!!
I love detachable collars! I want to learn how to make these <3

xiaoqing♥Aki said...

Ah that's so cute. You should make some and sell it online~ Hehehe.

Trisha Denise Perez said...

So cute! that was actually good considering that it was your first attempt =) I'm sure you'll do better next time. But those are really cute. It reminds me of baby bibs <3

SUSEIKI said...

Both collars look great! :)
I am looking foward to your next attempts :3

Yuki said...

I recently wrote on a same topic! However your collars are a lot more detailed than mine were! I love the mint colored ribbon! And they make almost every outfit cute~~

.Kada said...

these collars are suppperrr cuteee! i just came across your blog and its also super adorable! looking forward to your future posts :]

Eunica said...

i always wanted to sew and i always wanted to have a detachable collar! you are talented, girl! ;) and look like a doll with your eyes! pretty ;)

Taylala said...

Detachable collars are becoming so fashionable now! I saw them loads at a fashion show I went to recently. And you made them yourself? So good! x

blushpassion said...

cute!! i want to wear detachable collars too but my neck is too short. i'll look even more turtle-like if i wear them. ;( ur collar looks very cute though!!

saltvinegar said...

They've started selling these affordably in shops in Malaysia cos I was on the verge of sewing my own based on Megans tutorial too. Phew. But I don't know how to wear this out!

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