Saturday, November 12, 2011

~Daily Diary 11.11.11~

Yesterday I was out with my bf in an area called Rowland Heights~
What I loved is that there is a Bowling Arcade place, with Japanese claw machines! What I hate though, is how tough it can be for beginners and how much money you gotta spend to actually win someting :(

Anyways, my outfit of the day:

Pink Lacey Jacket!
Bf bought me these boots for $35 LOL too sweet~
Pink and Gold theme!
Tarina Tarantino Sweet Lolita!!

In the car on the way to the mall :D

Awesome Jewelry stands ^___^
WOW a chicken wing plush HAHAH!
I really wanted these dessert charms, but $4 each >.<

This was too funny LOL constipated cow!
Forever 21 had an awesome deal! Buy one sale item, the 2nd free!
I got both these tops together for $13 total :D
Now to the arcade/bowling alley.. ;)
There were even purikura machines! Like 5 of them around~

The ticket prizes were too cute!! >.<
It cost about $6 in credits to do purikura :)
My bf edited the left one, I edited the right one LOL, I was like, wow you seriously turn yourself to a lady? hahahah

Then we went to get boba! The cups were awesome~!
Then DINNER~!!
This ice cream was epic, it took a long time to melt and was light and fluffy and looked flaky! I was amazed~


BEBE said...

aww.. I love the photos.. and the outfits you've tried on looks great on you! :D

Zeruda said...

pretty pictures! Your first outfit is so awesome! The lace jacket is so unique and cool! :D And the Tarantino jewelry and boots looks awesome with it! :D

Jel ♡ said...

aww your bf is so sweet. i love the accessories that you have. so cute :D

And in case you might be interested, im giving away a BH Cosmetics 88 Color Tropical Matte on my blog :)

Nana said...

love the two shirts you got! <3

Jasmin said...

One of your best&cutest post ever *>3<*!!!
So many things i love,too.
...i am thinking about trying to make some dessert stuff on my one ^_^

♪ Vernissage and Cream ♫

chaya bunny said...

Thank pink lace jakcet is soooo cute. I wish I could find one like it. T_T

Looks like you had fun!

aMz88 said...

kawaii rillakuma soshte omaiwa outfits ;)

Jean said...

i love the jacket so freakin' much!!!
where did you get it? :3

Vyvy said...

It was a gift so I'm not sure where to get it sorry D: maybe it can be found on google haha

myoubi said...

great finds! I love the second top!

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