Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hello Kitty Beauty Lashes #4 "Natural Long" Review~! (=^.^=)♥

This week I decided to go back to the Japanese store in a mall near my house to get Hello Kitty Lashes! I was surprised that I had 3 malls with the same Japanese store in my area, and each carry these lashes! However, one of the malls was selling them for: $5 for 2 pairs sets, $9 for 5 pairs sets;
2nd mall was selling: $4 for 2 pair set, $7 for 5 pair sets;
and the 3rd mall only had $4 2 pair sets

I decided to buy #4, #5, and #6 because those were my favorites!

Here are the pictures of each 6 type of lashes:
Design Name Translation credit goes to エミリー❤ of
Check her blog out! It's super cute ;)

#1 Natural Curl

#2 Straight Short

#3 Volume Up Eye

#4 Natural Long

#5 Glamorous Patch

#6 Pretty Doll
Yes these are real Sanrio brand products!

Anyways today I'll review #4, then this weekend #5 and #6 ;)

I got #4 because it looked nice and natural, and I like how the outer edges have an extra long length to help make the eyes look extra big&cute ^___^

I went for a more simple look because the lashes are simple&natural looking
White eyeliner to make eyes a bit bigger~
Baby pink eyeliner on top of my liquid black eyeliner ^^
Pop! I was too lazy to use mascara to blend my real&fake lashes
Sorry for quality difference, I switched camera >.<

$2 Baby Pink eyeliner from NYX incase you were wondering~
Overall look:
I'm wearing a children's HK shirt LOL~ =P

Tarina Tarantino Earrings!

My thoughts on Hello Kitty Beauty Lashes #4:

Pros: -Cheap, especially for Sanrio brand!
-This one is very natural looking (looks better in real life)
-The band isn't too soft (like the cheap lashes that come in sets of 10) and it isn't too stiff, it's a nice balance and feel :)
-Doesn't feel like plastic much, but instead it is quite soft
-Quality is decent!  (In my opinion at least)
Cons: -The glue that keeps the lashes on the pinkstandboxthingy is kinda hard to get off (This actually doesn't bother me, but I know it can bother some girls)
Overall: 4/5



D~tan said...

Did you get them at Tokyo Lifestyle? There's one by UCI which is the one I go to :D I got the #3 recently since I wanted some lashes that were more work appropriate ^^

Vyvy said...

Yup Tokyo Lifestyle! :D I hope you can do a review on those lashes too if you have time ^^ I was very tempted to get #3 but I will save it for another time in the future, time to save for Christmas presents!

Nana said...

Woww! Thoese are adorable, I wish I could by them here too....

HeyDahye said...

Such cute packaging!!

ღ jenwoonani said...

YAY! I'm glad you went back and got them!! They look really good! I love how light and natural they look. AHH, I wanna try them so bad! :/

Ribka said...

the lashes look great. I love Hello Kitty XD

Strawberry Cupcake said...

I so want some of these Hello Kitty eyelashes! They are gorgeous. I'm really impressed with them and anyone who knows me will tell you I LOVE Hello Kitty.

Marion ♥ said...

Loving those HK lashes Vyvy! :D They look so cute on you!

Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

エミリー❤ said...


#1 Natural Curl

#2 Straight Short

#3 Volume Up Eye

#4 Natural long

#5 Glamorous Patch

#6 Pretty doll

that was fun! >w< lol ♥
love all the cute eyelashes! ^ ^

MissFeelo said...

Oh wow they look really good on you. Very natural and nice!! You can find some really good lashes for cheap, it's true!

~*NeNe*~ said...

so cute lashes!!! <3
they look so good on you!! :D

xiaoqing♥Aki said...

So cuteee. I don't see any HK lash in singapore here! Else I'll definitely collect them! Hehehee, nice review btwwww! And I love NYX eyeliner, it's too awesome! Hahaha!

katie said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! Means a lot to me ^^

Wow these are so pretty!! They really do look natural and FULL! The price isn't bad at all either. I wonder how many uses you can get out of them? Haha and the cons aren't bad either since it's not even about the lashes themselves XD I can't wait to read your next reviews :D I think I want to pick these up too now :o

xixi said...

Omo HK lashes! Me gusta!! :D

Lita said...

so cute! :)) They look really good on you ^^

And i want your Tarina Tarantino Earrings! D: They are so cute!! :)

EveryDay Makeup blog said...

Vy, thanks for doing this post. I seriously love seeing the lashes up close and the pair you have on looks very natural. So pretty!

Tetsu said...

Very adorable! And the packaging is so cute with Hello Kitty~

cominica said...

omg, so cuteeee, where did you get it? XD

Vyvy said...

store called Tokyo Lifestyle- I don't know where else to get them =/

Anonymous said...

these r really cute lashes! XD i think u can actually combine some of them is it's more stiff n more volumn to them~ =D

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