Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hello Kitty Beauty Lashes #5 "Glamorous Patch" Review~! (=^.^=)♥

Today I will review Hello Kitty Beauty Lash #5,
♥Glamorous Patch♥

As usual, let's start with a simple black eyeliner on top
Then the white eyeliner to make eyes bigger~

Pop! It's pretty thick so it stands out well, but not too much ^^
 To be honest, I'm not fully satisfied with only these lash because I want my lashes to extend more on the outer edges soo... time to cut cheap lash and add to outer corner!! ^______^ ♥
(The cheap lashes I use is "Andrea Eyelashes Fashion", #16, 10 pairs for $6)
It looks fuller with it's new layer!
 The lash before:
The lash after:


See how much fuller and longer it is?

My thoughts on Hello Kitty Beauty Lashes #5:

-These lashes are more stiff than #4, and it feels kinda plastic but it's still quite durable! I can imagine using these lashes around 10 times or so if I am careful~
-Without adding another lash to the outer edges, I think these lashes are pretty okay, and I somewhat like it.
-When adding another lash to the outer edges, I LOVE these lashes! It looks more cute and dolly and stands out quite well ^___^
-So overall, my recommendation for you if you ever get these is to add another half lash to the corner if you want to achieve a dolly look :D
(Trust me, it looks much better in real life lol)


María (mei) said...

Waoooo this eyelashes aree sooo cute!! I WANT ITTT *O*
One kiss for uu!! *O*

Jess said...

The lashes are so pretty! I love how it looks *O*

ღ jenwoonani said...

OMG, gorgeous!!!

Carol said...

so pretty!


エミリー❤ said...

woowww those ones are beautiful!
and they really suit you ♥♥

Miko said...

These are so pretty<3

Nana said...

those are really pretty ! :D how much were they??

Vyvy said...

$4! Cheap for Sanrio brand :) thanks ladies for the lovely comments~

Jel ♡ said...

omg so cute hk lashes ^_^
you look pretty with them :)

ღ jenwoonani said...

AHHH, once again, I LOVE!! Hello Kitty sure know how to make falsies! :D And you have such beautiful eyes!

xixi said...

Omg your eyes look HUGE <33333

Chelsea said...

omg so cuteeee! i think i saw these at the department store when i went the other day. i suck at putting lashes on though. ><

Anna said...

Ahh how cute, I didn't know HK lashes even excisted. When you layer them they look pretty cool otherwise they're a bit too plain for my taste :/ Thanks for the review a lot nevertheless!

myoubi said...

I loooove those hello kitty lashes >_< where can I buy it? I love them!!

Vyvy said...

Store called Tokyo lifestyle, I don't know where else >.<

CupcakeChisa said...

Love this lashes! And I love Kitty!
Their are really cute! And you look so cute with theirs!

I really want!

Effy said...

Love your blog dear (:

newest follower !! :D

xoxo Effy

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