Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Finally Got Diamond Lash!! ^___^

I've been wanting some Diamond Lash for months now, and I finally got some!
I decided to cut one of the lashes and put it on the ends of a pair, because I really like my lashes to be longer on the ends~ (last pair is the stacked one)

Here's how I did my makeup for the day:
Pink eyeliner: NYX Rose Eyeliner $2
Bottom Lashes: PA bottom lashes

By the way, I am still AMAZED and LOVING my Herstyler Curling Iron!!
Here is how it looks when I curl half my hair in 15 minutes:
Another 15 minutes and... BAM poof poof curls~!
(Can't wait to cut my bangs~!!)
This iron is usually around $90 online, but you can get it for around $45 on amazon.com
If you are lucky, you can find this brand and similar style at a flea market! My sister got a herstyler iron at a flea market for $40, AND it had 3 different size rods so you can get different size curls!!

and now for some FOOD!
I also saw PUPPIES!! I wish I can take them home~!!


Maii said...

Wah, congrats ! xD The lashes look great on you :)

Kyo said...

I think your makeup looks very nice today. But I think it would look even better, if you'd used more dramatic lower lashes.
It would fit better to the upper lashes.
But I really like the pink eyeshadow!

The puppies are so cute... But it's so sad that they're in those small cages..

EveryDay Makeup blog said...

Vy, you are so KAWAII! The big lashes made your eyes look really big and bright :)

Vyvy said...

Thanks girls :) and @Kyo, I would of used more dramatic lower lashes, but I only have those PA ones I'm wearing T.T
I had the dollywink lower ones, but I'm not a fan of using lower lashes that are separated into many pieces, so I put it in my giveaway so another lucky gal can enjoy ;)

Femme Virtue said...

ur hair looks amazing when its curled! love ur eye makeup!

xiaoqing♥Aki said...

Wooo, lashes again! Lovesss! Hahaha! <3 your pretty eyes! And those puppies are so cute! >< And my curling iron succck... >< Nice hair! Hehehe.

Lita said...

I love your hair! :) so pretty! ^^
i want your iron! it makes such pretty curls!

And the food looks so yummy! :D

and ahhwww cute puppie!! ^^

エミリー❤ said...

so pretty *0*
I swear everything looks good on you <3

Marion ♥ said...

I ordered these lashes too :D I'm still waiting for them to arrive though.

Sam said...

Hi sweety, the lashes look fabulous, hadn't heard of them before I read your blog, now I'd love to try it out too

Yuki said...

Your eyes look beautiful! ;3 I want those lashes now! :o
And those puppies are so cute ♥

cominica said...

I Should order this one yesterday, aww it looks so pretty, I already ordered eyemazing :(
I hope I can purchase this next year, lol XD
you look so pretty with this lashes <3

Kym said...

killer eyes!!! ;) i never curl my hair because my hair is so thick and it takes too long! i'm gonna have to look into this curler! :)

Banny said...

Wow I love these lashes!
Your make up and hair is pretty!

Nana said...

your hair is gorgeous!! :0 it only takes you 30 minutes? takes me like an hour :/

xixi said...

Omo the lashes look so pretty on you! They look natural and dolly, i wanna try!

Richelle said...

Hi there,

I'm not trying to stir up trouble or anything but I just wanted to inform you about pet shops. Dogs in general are expensive but pet shops don't sell it for around $1000 to discourage "nonserious" buyers, it's simply because they're a business. They don't really care about the dogs, they just feed it and water it so that they don't die. I don't know if you've ever noticed, but most of the time when you go to pet shops, the dogs will be walking around in their poo and pee, and sometimes dogs are left in cages that are much too small for them. Also, the majority of those puppies are from puppy mills, since they're cheap and as I mentioned, pet shops are businesses so they want to make the most money that they can. Once dogs lose their "cute factor," the dogs are brought to a shelter (most of these dogs never get adopted and have to be put down).

AdamAlexMommy (Jasmine) said...

you are such a pretty girl! enjoyed browsing through your blog. following, so hope to be back!

Taylala said...

Good idea to double up with the lashes! I've always been terrible at applying lashes >.< Just can't get it right -.-

That curling iron seems to work so well! My hair is so straight, I don't even think curlers would work. Maybe I should try these.

Lovely post.

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