Thursday, November 3, 2011

ToFebruary+SassyNpunk boutique buys~!!

Hello Panda Hoodie in CherrySo on Friday on facebook I saw a post from ToFebrary about a cute Red Rello Panda sweater and I could not resist buying it!! I went to check it out on the website, and I was amazed that shipping was $1 to the US, and it charged me tax because I live in California, but the grand total was still about $32, so I was fine with that ^___^

        Hello Panda Hoodie in Cherry

Price: $29.00

On Monday afterschool, I saw on facebook a post by sassyNpunk boutique about arpakasso they were selling!! I freaked out and immediately checked out their website and bought a white arpakasso plush purse and shortly after, it was sold out! Too bad though, about 2 days before that on the 29th, there were pink and purple plush purses that I missed out on T__T, but I am still happy nonetheless~ It was only $20!! All sold out now though, sorry~!

Anyways, here are my photos of the products and my mini "review"

I bought the Sweater on Friday 10/28, and the Plush Purse on 10/31, both arrived at my home on 11/3!! Both came in less than a week~!! Amazing

However, I was very disappointed with how my packages were handled (not by the stores though, they were very kind)! I first saw the packages as I was walking outside to go to school, and these 2 packages were in the bush area next to my door! So they got dirt on them , but that wasn't the part that bothered me most!! My package from sassyNpunk had a huge hole in the middle of it! I'm seriously hoping nothing fell out because as soon as I put it down on my table, a cute free pin sassyNpunk gave me fell right out~! Perhaps they should pack the products in a more sturdy packaging sometimes, because the mail services are very busy and sometimes do not handle packages with care

ToFebruary package:
As you can see, it is very sturdy and nicely packaged

sassyNpunk boutique package:
See how amazingly cute the packaging is?! Twin stars!! Love it!! But I'm hating the giant hole in the middle... (it wasn't AS big as this--because I opened it up more, but still pretty close to this, not to mention there was another hole on the other side approximately 2 inches long) Ah well, at least my alpaca came in 1 piece
I wish I had this wrapping paper~
See the cute free pin?
It has a zipper to open and close the pocket
I put her baby inside, ~!
"The friend is this anima
Being friend nihe you giran
I predous tressure, and rhoning that
I get to sleep it for the rest of my life

( at first I was like "what...?" but yeah, I don't know..?)
To be honest, I was a teeny bit disappointed because the fabric is much thinner than I thought it would turn out to be, it's basically as thick as a simple T-shirt~! But oh well, I can't complain much because it was only $29, and it's cute so that kinda makes up for it hahah~
ToFebruary was kind enough to give me free bracelet! Apple
Just a quick pic with my new stuff! I dont wear makeup on schooldays so I wanted to hide my panda eyes with some epic shades

Shipping: 5/5 (Cheap and Fast!)
Packaging: 5/5 (Very sturdy and reliable)
Customer Service: 5/5 (they email update of shipping)
Quality: 4/5 (I can't say much, I only got 2 items lol)

sassyNpunk boutique:
4.5/5 (8$ and up, but FAST!!!)
Packaging: 4/5 (SUPER CUTE, but thin and mine ripped during shipment >.<)
Customer Service: 5/5 (the people are kind and replied to me fast!)
Quality: 5/5 (this is based on the alpaca LOL)

Anyways I highly recommend both these sites and they both gave a free small present which made me extra satisfied!
Only actual problem I had was the packaging, which the next time I order I really hope it doesn't rip again. Please do not fear from ordering from sassyNpunk boutique, their items are GREAT and CUTE, and I just got bad luck with the ripping problem~ I hope if you order it will turn out fine

Overall, I am SUPER happy that I ordered from these sites, and no regrets!

*edit* A picture a day after, loving my alpaca even more~!


Marion ♥ said...

Those really are some epic shades :DD Hahaha. The enrish on the back of the hoodie. Haha!

María (mei) said...

^Wauuu!! *O* this hoddie it´s sooooooooo cute *O*
One kiss! (L)

xiaoqing♥Aki said...

Nuuuu... I really love pandas! And those arpakasso is damn cute. ><!

MissFeelo said...

The panda sweater is super cute!! I love when shipping is cheap and fast!! Shipping to Canada always seems to be so pricey, boo.

You remind me of CL from 2NE1 in the last pic. haha

Vyvy said...

LOL, so funny because when I saw the shades I was thinking about CL hahah she's so interesting I love it!

Nana said...

Wow everything is so cute! That alpaca is fun!

Lita said...

Love your buys! :) the shirt is so cute! :) and yeey for CL style glasses! x)

Tetsu said...

Oh my, it's so cute! *___*
I really adore the shirt! It looks very pretty and nice on you!

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