Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 11.24.11

Hope everyone had a Great Thanksgiving :)
On my end it was nice to be able to sit down and eat with the family ^^

This was actually a pre-thanks giving dinner, I think my sisters were testing out cooking or something.. hahah

The actual dinner:
Apple Cider :D
No one wanted to do dishes, so we switched to paper plates LOL!
Turkey Noodle Soup
Hot cocoa with some marshmallows and cool whip on top~!
Hope everyone has a good day ;)

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

~Sewing Diary #1 - Detachable Collars!~

This week I had the whole week off from school for Thanksgiving break~!
I thought it would be more fun, but I've been just at home 85% of the time x)
So with all the free extra time I decided to get back into sewing a bit!
Black Friday I will probably try to find a sewing machine so I can bring back my sewing hobby~
Hope you all have a good Holiday weekend, and if you go black friday shopping, I hope you stay safe~! ^___^

Anyways, the past 2 days I had my first attempt at making...

I used a pattern from here:
I edited the pattern when I cutted it out, because I'm too lazy to sew beads on~

First Attempt:
I sewed it so crooked because I wasn't sure what I was doing LOL >__<

Second Attempt:
I sewed this one much better than the first LOL, now I got experience so I fix my mistake~!! ^___^
More Heart Lace

I don't really know what to wear with these much haha, hopefully I will be more successful with my next few attempts =p

The fabrics and laces I got all from small local fabric boutiques which were family owned, so they have no website sorry~

Once again if you want to make one, go to this link:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hello Kitty Beauty Lashes #6 "Pretty Doll" Review~! (=^.^=)♥

Today I will review Hello Kitty Beauty Lash #6,
♥Pretty Doll♥

The usual makeup routine~
I didn't edit these lashes because I thought they were nice and full enough~

My thoughts on Hello Kitty Beauty Lashes #6:

-These lashes are a nice balance between Dramatic and Natural
-They don't stand out TOO much, but pretty noticeable
-I would love wearing these with a casual outfit ^^
-They are pretty durable, I can probably use them like 10+ times~
-CHEAP! $4 for 2 pairs?!
-Too bad they are pretty hard to find, I don't see them online;
(I bought them at a small shop called Tokyo Discount)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Hair Transformation!!

It's been really long since my hair was a different color, I've stuck to brown for many years!
In 8th grade I dyed my hair for the first time to brown-orangy,
9th grade darker brown, black, then brown with blonde hightlights,
10th grade platnium blonde with brown highlights, then blonde
11th grade until freshman college year brown,
Summer until a few days ago brown with blonde highlights
now to try a color that I have never yet tried before...

(I went to a Japanese Salon)

Brown with Blonde highlights


Ta-Da! After 3 hours:
It doesn't really show in these lightings well, but it's dark red and it looks better in person and in natural lighting haha, I'll take photo in the sun eventually, but red does wash out pretty fast x)

Today I ate at a place called Banana Bay! It's a Thai restaurant~
Thai Tea Float!! Yummy~
I also went to a place with more crane games!! UFO catchers= tough

What a funny looking Totoro... hahaha

Anyways there are some new features on my blog, I added a top commentators section and my BFF Mimi's blog! Check her out :) She's such an awesome gal, she's been there for me for the past 5+ years ^____^


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Change Your Eye Color With An iPhone App!

Today I want to share an awesome app I found while searching through the App store for the Top "Free" apps! The app I found is called:

"Magic Eye Color Effect Free-Color Contact Lens, Red Eye Remover."

These are the Features!
The examples they show~
The downside to this app is that there are many ads that can get pretty annoying! So you can upgrade for a $1.99 to get rid of the ads~
As you can see, you can move the photo and adjust the eye thingies until they fit in with your eyes! So cool but they only give you 2, so if you want to edit someone else in your photo, try saving the photo then reuploading and re-editing~
These are some of the types of eyes you can do
You can also adjust the contacts to be brighter or darker, to make it more crazy or natural looking~ ^____^
You can also adjust the color!! Awesome ^___^
You can also make the photo greyscale~! Such a fun app
I really enjoy this app, if you have an iPhone, download it! ^__^ if you don't, so sorry D: