Sunday, October 30, 2011

~Violet Diamond Lens & Daily Diary~

A while ago I posted about getting some contact lenses from, and at that time I only tried on the grey diamond lenses that I got from my mini haul (3 lenses)

Now I finally tried on my Violet Diamond lenses and took pics:

These are the lashes I used: ($1 on ebay)
I really liked the little crystals on the edge, but I wanted the ends a little more longer and fuller so I cut a cheap lash in half and put it on each of the ends under these lashes~

Anyways, I really like these lenses however they are pretty dark in some indoor lightings, but sparkle outdoors
Also, one thing that I'm not a fan of is how you can really see your brown natural eyes underneath in the middle of the lenses, because as you can see these contacts have their design moreover on the edges rather than all around the pupil area, but it's still pretty nice ^__^
It irriated once in a while, but I managed to go around 8 hours in them without getting my eyes red! (the pics I took were AFTER the 8 hours, right before I took them out~

The $1 lashes I used as an alternative to Diamond Lashes because I really want Diamond Lashes but too pricey for me currently, so I'll probably get it in a few months/weeks

*update* New photo of the lenses with different camera!

Yesterday I wore a new off the shoulder panda top (12$)

I also ate at an all you can eat korean bbq place

^__^ gosh I LOVE green tea ice cream~

I also went to Hottopic and OMG, Sailor Moon tees?!?


Milky Ways said...

Nooo, now I'm craving for ice cream XD And those lenses are lovely..they have such an interesting pattern ^^

Banny said...

The lenses look really pretty I really like that brand!
The lashes are cute but seem very plastic...
All that food look tasty I want to go to a korean bbq place :(!
I always go ot hottopic to get my anime tees xD

Vyvy said...

very true about the lashes lol, I was somewhat disappointed when I got them but oh well, they were just a dollar and don't look too bad soo.. x) and yes, hottopic has so many awesome shirts!

Nana said...

Wow! It really does look like diamond! Now I know why it is called the diamond lens! The lenses are somthing to be careful with...

Mimi said...

Awesome lenses! And did you see the Sailor Moon shirt that looks like her sailor fuku? So cute!

xiaoqing♥Aki said...

Ahhh! Sailor moon! Hahhahaa! AND I LOVE THAT PANDA TOP. OMOOOO.. Hahaha! I love pandaaaa! Hehehehe have a nice dayyyy!

myoubi said...

Omnomnom the ice cream looks so good! <3

I wanted to buy the diamond lenses too but I was afraid that they won't suit me ^^' but they look really good on you <3 so cute!

I'm now following you <3 you have a really cute blog! Hope you'll pay my blog a visit too ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi!.. do check my next blog out girl....! ;)grin

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