Monday, October 17, 2011

10.16.11- Mini Fashion Haul! (lots of pics)

Got a couple outfits in the past few weeks (most under $20!) and I also finally curled my hair for the first time in many years with a new iron I got (Herstyler grande baby curls $45 on Amazon) and it was awesome!! I first tried curling my hair couple of years ago and failed terribly(uneven, messy, bleh!) Then I was introduced to an iron that was fast and easy to use (good for beginners like me) and now I love it and can finally curl my hair more!! A definite 2 thumbs up and I thought it was worth every penny All you do is wrap your hair around the rod for a few seconds and BAM! Nice and beautiful curl
Tutorials can be found on youtube~

These can sell for anywhere between $40~$100 and the style/size may vary depending on the type of curls you are looking for. I wanted a plain pink one, but found this one to be a bit cheaper so I was like eh, might as well

My end result: was sorta a fail because both sides of my head looked different from each other LOL but I still kinda liked it and hoping I will improve with practice

  Anyways here was my recent mini haul:
Pink&White romper (I think hand-made) from Ebay for $15! I'm still wondering how should I accessorize this...
Pink Ballerina-ish shoes $15 @Buffalo Exchange

Floral Dress $17 at some local asian boutique (reminds me of Liz Lisa)

Off-white bow flats (ebay- $30)

Finally, my choice of outfit of the day:

Lacey Floral Dress ($10!!!!! it was at a stand at my school)

Earrings $8 at Love Culture

False lashes- $4 (the bottom pair I added on a half lash from a cheap pair)

$10 turquoise lenses from LA Chinatown


Cris said...

wow. i love your mini haul all the stuffs you bought are real cute! and all looks good on you specially the pink romper. btw is that the hair curler your talking about? it's really amazing! i love how it curls your hair some how like wavy just like how i saw it in koreans on t.v ^_^ and ow before i forgot may i kow what's your hair color? if its ok thanks a lot!

Zeruda said...

great hauls!! :D my favs are the floral dress, the romper and the white shoes!! ^^ <3

Marion ♥ said...

I love those dresses :O <3 And I want to buy that curling iron too. The print is too cute. >,<

cominica said...

aww cute dresses :D
I love flowery things~~
btw already be your follower :3

エミリー❤ said...

everything is sooo cute!
I especially love that pink and white romper ♥

Vyvy said...

thanks my lovelies~ too many kind words (∩_∩)
@Cris, yes this is the hair curler and it's sooo awesome!! love it and definitely a recommendation hair buy! My hair color is light brown with blonde highlights blended in ~

just Jennifer :3 said...

looking gorgeous all over <3

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