Friday, October 28, 2011

Alice in Wonderland~ Happy Halloween!

About 2 weeks ago I heard of a Halloween contest from and I thought it sounded super fun so I decided to try out! Unfortunately I thought I only had less than a week to prepare so I rushed a look like crazy LOL, and it's so ironic because right after I turned my entry in, I saw an update that the contest was extended another week so I was like "nooooooooooooooooo" but then I was like "oh well~"

I entered as Alice! (it was the only costume I had (4 years old) and I didn't have much ideas because it was a pretty busy school week soo...

Yep! Nothing much special, which is probably why I'm getting my butt kicked in the contest, LOL! oh well! The top 2 contestants right now are seriously good and I give them kudos! I'm sure they are gonna win because their looks are wayyy too amazing x)
I'm hoping maybe I will be lucky enough to win 3rd place random draw because I wanted to use a few items for a blog giveaway and share the remainder with my best friend who lacks makeup but ah well, at least this was a fun experience since I never really use eyeshadow (especially this way before)! Must stay positive no matter what happens
If you want to check out the contest go to:
Plus! The hostess of the contest is seriously SUPER nice and gives so many wonderful makeup looks and updates on a daily basis~

Anyways, this week was such a long horrible week of school testing and homework!! 3 tests and TONS of homework.. I was super stressed

On the plus side... SCHOOL SHOPPING! Like, literally. Every week or two there is usually 1 or 2 stands outside the book store on campus (college) and the stands usually consist of clothing, accessories, or etc stuff that I'm not into. This week I was sooooo glad to have come across this one clothing stand that was cheap!! Everything $15 and less!! This was surprising to me because most of the time the clothing stands at school are pretty over priced~

Anyways here are some tops I got for $15 each:

Close up detail of the lace:

Even this jacket was $15!!!!!

First photo was too dark so I also chose to use flash:

This was actually from Good Will a while ago, for $5!!!!

Welp, it was a super long stressful week with many ups and downs~! So glad the weekend has finally arrived; Hope everyone has a good weekend and Happy Halloween!!


xiaoqing♥Aki said...

Hiiiiiiiii! I love your makeup! Hehehe super doll like! Mad Hatte might appear! Hahhaa! Have a nice daaaay~ <3

Milky Ways said...

Wow! You've made really lovely Alice...and it looks great with those blue circle lenses ^^ Hope you'll win the contest :)

Rindodo ♥ said...

wah ALICE! I want to see you wearing the costume XD~

MarĂ­a (mei) said...

Wah i love alice and i love ur makeup!!!!

xiaoqing♥Aki said...

and and I've tagged you in my latest post!

Laura said...

Wow! Beautiful Makeup!!! :))
And your eyelashes... *-*

greetings ♥

cominica said...

cuuuteee cuteeee~~ Love your eyes~ :D

Laura said...

oh, really? Thats pretty nice :)
Like your eyes, too!

You're cool, I'll follow you :)

greetings & good luck with your blog!

laura ♥

stella lee said...

I LOVE the lashes!!!!!! and alice is a great idea! :D

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