Saturday, October 15, 2011

Today's Aspirin Adventure+ Cute Contact Case!

I seriously can't believe it's already the middle of October~ Halloween is coming up and I haven't even thought of a costume yet! Good thing I have a backup Alice in Wonderland costume that I haven't worn for a few years
This week I did quite terrible on 2 tests which bummed me out, but on a plus side TFIG because I got my new iphone today which turned my week brighter! Also, it was pretty cool because at school today I got to make aspirin in lab
It took pretty long and was tricky, but the end result was pretty awesome!

Another pretty good thing that happened recently was that I won an ebay bid on contact lens cases and a cute to-go case! Bid started at about $5, but I ended up winning it for $7 which is pretty good because the cute case alone is worth around maybe $5, and each contact case (pink hippos) sells for around $3 on shoppingholics. $5+ $3(5) = $20 deal for $7! Not so bad


just Jennifer :3 said...

that is awesome *^*
its sooo cute!

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