Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Make-Up! (◕‿◕✿)

Since I've been bored with my makeup style lately (usually just eyeliner and covergirl mascara) I decided I should get some new and better products to try out. I also decided to get some new contacts for fun!

The end result:

Contacts: Geo 2 tones lens, grey with a diamond-like effect (21$)
Mascara: Fairy Drops scandal queen (from Sephora 24$)
Eyeliners: Milani Easyliner for eyes glitter retractable pencil- blue topaz & precious silver, (6$ each at Target), Dollywink liquid eyeliner (20$)

Here are the contacts! I got them from (◕‿◕ )♥

And now for the Fairy Drops Mascaras! (left one I got from Ebay, right one from Sephora, both around 20$ each =/

The eyeliners from Milani (@Target!), pretty cheap, and they are glitter with a mini sharpener on the bottom with a smudge to create diverse looks! ♥

For an experiment, I got these cheap set of false lashes ($6 for 10 pairs!)and I cut one in half. Then I took one of each half and put it at the end of my lashes to help extend them! This + fairy drops mascara gives a nice natural, yet extended look that I sorta like, especially since Japanese lashes are so pricey!

Now for lipstick, it's called Wet n Wild and it was also from Target and it only cost about $3! I always want those cute baby pink lips the Gyaru have, but they are usually pretty expensive so I got this light pink one for an alternative.

Finally, the outfit and accessories! I went for a minty theme that day ^^

The Final Look!

Now for some yummy food of the day...

Flavored Tea called Triple Stars! It has fruity bits, and star jelly!


Macarons ♥(∩_∩)♥


just Jennifer :3 said...

your so cute!
and you have so many cute stuff Ox

SUSEIKI said...

I just noticed that I have similiar earrings, they are just a bit smaller than yours :D
and the macarons look delicious :33

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