Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hello everyone and thank you for being patient for the winner announcements! I've been pretty busy helping my mom this week and after christmas shopping~
Also, There was almost 300 people entering my Holiday giveaway, so it took me long to check each entry LOL, and exactly 46 entries to my Mini Giveaway!
BY THE WAY, I let entries up to the 26th because incase timezones and last minute entries you know? so don't worry, I didn't disqualify anyone for being a bit late!

The 3 winners for the Mini Giveaway are:
1. Yoshi
2. Dalii♥
3. Abegail A.

The winner for the Holiday Giveaway is:
-Katie N.

Congrats!! I will send everyone an email right now, and as for all other participants, thanks for joining and better luck next time!! So sorry if you are disappointed >.<
Also, all participants this round will get an extra entry for each future giveaway I do! Stay tuned~!

Hope you have a good day everyone! <3

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hello Kitty Glasses!! Sugarush Collections♥

I hope everyone had a Merrrrry Christmas!! ^___^
♥Happy Holidays♥
Sorry to those of you who been waiting for my review on HK glasses, I been busy wrapping and unwrapping the past few days! busy busy busy
I'll reply to everyone's comments as soon as I get the chance to! I actually got to sleep after this post because I got to wake up early in the morning to go shop for after Christmas Sales!!

I got my glasses at Sugarush Collections!
Price= $14.99
Shipping= $4.99&up (depending on your location)

When I made a purchase, I used a discount code: SRXMAS15
 it gave 15% off!! It is for their grand opening and holiday season ^^
I'm not sure if the code still works, but if you want updates go check their facebook:

I ordered on: December 8
I recieved my package on: December 10
(So fast because I live less than an hour away LOL)

Sugarush Collections

Shipping/Packaging: 5/5
It was in a nice sturdy box, fast, and the glasses were in bubble wrap ^__^
I even got a friendly note ♥

Customer Service: 5/5
She replied to my questions and comments on facebook, and even tagged me so that I can see her response! How sweet! ♥ ^__^
Have you ever noticed that quite a bit of sellers on facebook lack response? It really annoys me when I ask a question, and I notice they did not reply but they are still posting up information and other activities, you know? I know sometimes it's not the company fault and they might not have been notified of your comment, but you know what I mean right?

These are probably the cheapest version of this HK glasses that I have encountered online, and they are good quality in my opinion. She also sells polymer clay charms and other stuff, so check her out! She's really nice and has ADORABLE items on sale =) 
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

 Once again, the site:
The facebook:

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!
Well it's off to bed for me and I'll reply to everyone comments as soon as I get a chance~
Gosh I'm so behind on blogger, =/ LOL

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Beuberry Peppy Pink Lens Review~! (Uniqso)

Today I'll be reviewing Beuberry Peppy Pink lenses which I won from a Uniqso facebook contest!
I got to choose 2 lenses and so I chose:
Beuberry Peppy Pink & Beuberry Peppy Purple
My boyfriend chose the purple one for me, and I chose pink because I thought it looked cute on the model photo~

Shipping was much faster than I thought,
It was sent on December 5th and arrived to me on December 13th!

Love the Christmas theme!!! ^___^
♥ Such a cute card!!! ♥
Purple Eyeliner! Apparently Uniqso now sells purple eyeliner by
I have NO idea how it looks like on anyone, but you can check it out here~
Love purple eyeliner ^___^ I use Milani brand from Target
♥Hello Kitty Glasses♥

I don't know about you, but I think this design is unique and I never seen much girls wear it! On the site it says it's 16mm with a water content of 55%
I really like these lenses, the pink isn't too bright in person which is good!

It costs only $15.90! If you want a pair, check it out here!

♥Once again I would love to thank Uniqso for the lenses and having the contest ♥

♥By the way, if you are wondering where I got my Hello Kitty Glasses, I'll be doing a review on them tomorrow and tell you where you can get a pair for yourself! Stay tuned ;)♥

Monday, December 19, 2011

Cheap Victoria's Secret Haul~!

Last week I found out about a Victoria Secret event on facebook where 100,000 secret rewards cards would be given daily for US residents!!! I found out near the end of the event though, and I found out that it would be at 9 AM EST, but I live in the Western part of United States so it would be at 6 AM PST for me T___T
So I woke up early and was watching the time tick by, and right at 6 AM I rushed and managed to get 2 cards! They ran out FAST! Pretty much 100,000 cards taken within 5 minutes, danggg~
My boyfriend also woke up to get me one so we went back to sleep and I went shopping when I woke up again~

These were on sale for 40% off, original price was $18.
I used a $10 rewards card and got it for $1.64!! LOL
Scent: Pure Seduction

Purple and Blue Cami- on sale for $13 each (Originally $20)
I used a rewards card on each of them, so it was $3+$1 tax=$4
And free shipping!
I got 2 of these free with a sleepwear purchase~! $39 value
Scents: Dreams Angels Heavenly, Very Sexy, VS Bombshell, Tease, Incredible, Pink

Total Spent:
$1.64 for Pure Seduction gift set +
$4 Purple Cami+ $4 Blue Cami +
Free fragrance set + Free fragrance set
= $9.64 !!!!!!

How did I get the free fragrance sets? Well Victoria Secret had a deal on it's site where you can get a free fragrance set with any sleepwear purchase!
The Rewards Cards saved me a total of $30!

Anyways there has been LOTS of sales lately for the Holiday season, have any of you guys gotten any good deals/sales? ^___^

by the way, I know that most of you wouldn't want to bother coming back to check for replies, so I always reply on your blog :)