Monday, December 19, 2011

Cheap Victoria's Secret Haul~!

Last week I found out about a Victoria Secret event on facebook where 100,000 secret rewards cards would be given daily for US residents!!! I found out near the end of the event though, and I found out that it would be at 9 AM EST, but I live in the Western part of United States so it would be at 6 AM PST for me T___T
So I woke up early and was watching the time tick by, and right at 6 AM I rushed and managed to get 2 cards! They ran out FAST! Pretty much 100,000 cards taken within 5 minutes, danggg~
My boyfriend also woke up to get me one so we went back to sleep and I went shopping when I woke up again~

These were on sale for 40% off, original price was $18.
I used a $10 rewards card and got it for $1.64!! LOL
Scent: Pure Seduction

Purple and Blue Cami- on sale for $13 each (Originally $20)
I used a rewards card on each of them, so it was $3+$1 tax=$4
And free shipping!
I got 2 of these free with a sleepwear purchase~! $39 value
Scents: Dreams Angels Heavenly, Very Sexy, VS Bombshell, Tease, Incredible, Pink

Total Spent:
$1.64 for Pure Seduction gift set +
$4 Purple Cami+ $4 Blue Cami +
Free fragrance set + Free fragrance set
= $9.64 !!!!!!

How did I get the free fragrance sets? Well Victoria Secret had a deal on it's site where you can get a free fragrance set with any sleepwear purchase!
The Rewards Cards saved me a total of $30!

Anyways there has been LOTS of sales lately for the Holiday season, have any of you guys gotten any good deals/sales? ^___^

by the way, I know that most of you wouldn't want to bother coming back to check for replies, so I always reply on your blog :)


Maii said...

So cheappppppppp. Me likey ! hahaha :D

lissy said...

zomg cheap as! youre so lucky to have victoria secret :)

CupcakeChisa said...

OOOOh so many things! Set Pure Seduction look so cute and pink! I want!

Love Victoria Secret!

Vonnie said...

Score! Talk about great luck!

I never manage to get the good sales. I am always at work or in class or doing something class related, and then find out about the sales/special deals after the fact.

MissFeelo said...

Well now, this is what you call smart shopping!!


I also love promos. :)
Wise shopper.
I like victoria's secret scent.
I love fruity scent and the cheap price. hehe

Rindodo ♥ said...

Kyaaah that's super cheap for the whole bunch!!! u're super lucky XD~~~ I loooove the lacey tank too! <33

Chloe Nghiem said...

Damn how lucky was that! I'm like overseas so can't really do much haha! :(

Yoshi said...

Wah you lucky girl! :D Amazing! This was definitely worth getting up in the morning right? I'm happy for you :)))

SUSEIKI said...

Lucky lucky girl x3 these things sure look awsome :) i wish we had victoria's secet here, too x.x

And no, not yet.. I bought a beautiful longpullover some time ago and now it is on sale... So i missed it :C

DebbZ said...

You're very lucky Vyvy !!!
I super love Victoria Secret but too bad we don't have it here in Bali T.T


Jel ♡ said...

lucky you` awesome items you got :)
that purple cami is so cute <3
and your boyf is so sweet haha.

Renée said...

Some people got the free reward card from a purchase in Nov (;

Nice haul <3

Zeruda said...

wow, nice haul! :D

Babi said...

lol!!~~ i also used a rewards card and got mascara for $2~~~ i looove holiday shopping~and everywhere is open so late,bad for my shop addiction XD


Jace said...

I love victoria's secret scent!! They're awesome!

norahjade said...

Wauw ! That's so nice omg :o ! And the colors of the tops are lovely aswell :D

Nikole Mendoza said...

Nice haul. I love victoria's secret! ;)
btw, I followed you. would yoou mind if you'll follow back? Thanks :)

Nana said...

i really wanna get their new perfume! its called angel i think; it has cute pink wings on the bottle :3

NaTT said...

Awww, you always find sooo cute things!!
How is the Victoria secret's scent?
(I really want to look your "hair-volution"!!*Looking for it*)

Banny said...

Nice buys for a nice price!
One thing I hate about Victoria's Secret is the fucking price LOL they want like 50 dollars for a bra...crazyy!

Jace said...

Erika toda? Seriously? She's so much cuter than me xD
I'll take that as a compliment =D
Thankss hun~

just Jennifer :3 said...

DANGGG you got everything for such cheap prices!!
your luck never runs outtt , so jelouus xD

Yoyo said...

LOL So cheap! XD I bet you were very happy and proud of it XD

And I'm still feeding the fish as the bottom, hope they don't stave without me Hahahah~ XD

Rachel said...

you're adorable! and your Hello Kitty sunglasses are AMAZING <3

Banny said...

Hey hun I tagged you in the 11 questions tag game on blog :)!

EveryDay Makeup blog said...

Dang Vyvy, you scored a great bargain on these. Very nice!

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