Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Finals Over& My Clay Charm Making Begins!!

I finally finished my finals (well.. I got 1 essay left to do but I'll finish that after this post) and now I got to worry about catching up with preparing for Christmas!!!

These upcoming weeks I have SO MUCH CRAP TO REVIEW!
Why? Christmas shopping, hauls, some contacts I won
Nothing sponsored, I just want to share my experience ^^

 So I got inspired a few weeks ago to try out making clay charms/figures and so today is my FIRST ATTEMPT!
I went to Michael's craft store last sunday on 12/4 because they had a 20% off your entire purchase coupon!

by the way, my sister had a baby on the same day December 4th, and her name is Madeline! (I'm not sure how to spell it LOL) Her nickname is Mimi ^____^

Anyways I spent like $30 on supplies, and I got really cheapy paint because
1. I'm a noob
2. It's my first time trying clay work, so I'm not gonna go all crazy getting professional supplies, you know?
3. I'm on a budget
4. I don't know any affordable good acrylic paint
5. I don't care, I'm experimenting and these are for gifts, not for sale

Please don't criticize.. I'm just an amateur >__< LOL

My supplies:
Original Sculpey $14
Craftsmart Acrylic Paints, about 60 cents each
Sculpey Satin Glaze $4?
Paint Brushes Set $5

My inspiration was...
Googling up charms LOL, and I saw many on Deviant Art, so no I did not come up with this original design, I just attempted to make a copy so I can give to my boyfriend for Christmas
I wanted to make for him....

I didn't take much photos during the process because I was scared to fail, and my hands were too icky

So uneven and gross and dirty looking... LOL
After I used a nail filer/buffer to get rid of some fingerprints..
~paint paint paint paint~
Oh my gosh, it took like 3~4 hours of painting LOL
I then glazed it but then kind of regretted using Satin Glaze, perhaps I should of went with Gloss Glaze haha, or maybe it's just the fact I don't know how to glaze properly =p

Just out of curiousity, how much would you guys spend on something like this? (regardless if it was a charm or not)



Congrats to your sister..
So cute!
I also love Luffy. I love Onepiece!.. haha

Chloe Nghiem said...

Ohh she is so adorable in her little reindeer beanie! I hope she doesn't really sleep with all those toys, I'm concerned it might fall and suffocate her... you know :(

I remember when I used to be obsessed with clay charms! I had a whole collection of clay in different colours (rather than painting them.. I think that would've saved me more money since I can mix colours right?) Anyways your first creation came out quite good! I wanna see more :P You can find heaps of other cute designs from etsy, but I think devart has good tutorials for you to follow :3


Yoshi said...

I wouldn't spend a cent. I would come over and steal this masterwork from you for I wouldn't be able to afford it anyway :) Therefore: When you hear something while sleeping it's probably me coming over to get this cute Luffy. Do you plan on making Sanji and Zorro too? Tell me when then I only have to come and steal them from you once :)


SUSEIKI said...

You are an auntie :) contragtulations :)

And your charm is really cute! Honestly i would spend up to like 7-9 $ or even 10$ as it is handmade! But i have to admit i would rather prefer another character like allen from d.gray-man :3 but my boyfriend would like your luffy <3 he is so cute :)

Zeruda said...

Aw, what an adorable baby girl! You sister must be so happy! And the Luffy figure is sooo cool!!!! ^^

cybuszkova said...

wow! you're so creative! :D

Yoshi said...

awww the links you showed me are really cute!!!! Amazing. But yours is pretty close to this, really professional too, so I'm sure you're able to do Sanji and Zoro too!! I'll root for you :D

Vyvy said...

I actually have like... 3 other nieces and 2 other nephews hahah and thanks girls for the nice comments!

and no, my niece doesn't sleep with that many plushes anymore, thank gosh for her safety!

P.S. I reply to everyone's comments on their own blogs so that they can get the response and don't have to come back here <3

BEBE said...

I like it Vyvy! :) not bad for first attempt! :) you've got skills girl and I'm jealous!! :)

Btw, I have a giveaway going on.. you might wanna join dear :)

Jel ♡ said...

i really want to make my own like this and do a charm that looks like me haha. whats that you used in making he charm? clay or something? i wish i can find one here so i can make mine too.

aki! said...

That's incredibly cute! You're very good at that.

I wouldn't spend too much on a charm, just because I feel like it's available everywhere... but if you can make them, it's a lovely gift idea.

DebbZ said...

wow....you're very creative and have very good skill.
Btw Mimi is so cute and adorable. Congratz :)


Filomena P said...

Mimi is soo cute! Love the name!

YOUR CHARM LOOKS ADOOOOOORABLE!!!! I used to sculpt SO often back in the day.. now I want to do it again!

p,s did you buy the paint from Micheal's? Because Dollarama has basically the same paint.. for 1.25$ (I learned the hard way).

Dalii♥ said...

Woooooa~ baby is so cute >w<♥ and your figure too~ i love it! :)

Banny said...

Omg your sister's baby is so precious <333
I think your charm came out great! It's so freaking cute! I don't have patience for these kind of things. If I were going to this I would probably spend less than 30 dollars haha. I'm so cheap <3!

Vonnie said...

The charm is so cute! I'm sure he will love it because of the time and love you put into it :) For a super shine finish, I've always used a gloss glaze when working with clays. It will give it much more shine.

As far as paying for one, it depends on size. For something smaller than three inches or so, I wouldn't pay much more than $7 to $10. How intricate the item is also plays a factor. Go look on sites like Etsy and see how others are pricing if you want to get a general idea.

Congrats, Auntie! Mimi is adorable. Just looking at the picture you can tell that she is so loved <3

Janet said...

wow! you are so talented and creative!! are you sure you are just an amateur!! you did such an amazing job on that!! if you were to sell it..I would totally buy it...BTW, the baby is SOOOO CUTE...like me..haha...jk..quick question..whats the name of that CUTE pinky stuff toy just besides the baby..I WANT ONE too!!!hehehe..=)

ShinyPrettyThings said...

OMG you're so freaking talented!!! i would never be able to make something like this in a million yrs. sooo soooooo cute!! u did a great job.

and congrats to your sister!!! her baby is so adorable =]

cominica said...

Mimi is sooo cuteeeee!!! >w<
and you made it so neat and nice!! My first attempt was sooo horrible~~ @_@

Nikt Wa┼╝ny ♥ said...

thanx <3

Sparkling Future said...

omg this is just to cute :D don´t worry *__* Everyone starts from the first :D

ah and the baby wuaahh it´s to cute *___* Just the best wishes :D

Amy said...

Wooo! Awesome Luffy Figurine! Thats such a good idea you knowww...I should have made something like that for my boyfriend! and he loves One Piece too! :D Well done, girly Xx

just Jennifer :3 said...

Dawww cutie baby <33
congratzz ;D

and woaaah that charm you made looks amazing! ;o
i can never make that :c i would fail all the way LOL xD aniwaayss if you had a charm business i'd surely buy from you ;D

norahjade said...

omg so cuteD::::: I bet idf I would try this I would fail big time ! I'm jelous <3

Jean said...

the kiddo is so cute!!!
and you're pretty skillful, those figurines are win! just don't give up and you'll become great!

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