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ColorLensWorld & Princess Mimi Almond Brown Reviews~!

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*quick update* Hey guys! I'm on the 2nd to last week of finals with 1 final tomorrow and 2 finals on Monday! Then I will be FREE AT LAST! Good luck to everyone else and THANK YOU GUYS FOR THE GOOD LUCK WISHES! It helps ease me when it comes to the study process :)
NOTE: This is not a sponsored review, I just want to share my unbias experience as a buyer.

Anyways, last week I heard about a site called ColorLensWorld from a fellow blogger Jel~ I've never heard of this site before and never seen any reviews about it so I was a bit hesitant when it came to the buying process because I would prefer buying from a site that I heard many good reviews about, (example the oh so popular shoppingholics) you know what I mean? Turns out this site is somewhat new and they are still developing so it's understandable that word on them is low!
When I liked their facebook, one of the owners Marco kindly contacted me and offered to give me a $2 discount! (This offer applies to everyone who visits their facebook page here:
I know it might not sound that much, but if you think about it, most contact sites offer 10% discount and if you buy a $20 lens then that would be $2 off too! So it's like most other discounts
I gladly took advantage of the $2 discount and looked around the website. 

Not too much right now but I don't blame them because they are not a huge company like other sites, they are quite new I think? But it's still worth checking out because of their GOOD communication&shipping! I noticed their prices are pretty average when it comes to comparing many other color lens sites. I'm sure they will add much more variety as they develop more so I will continue to check out their site whenever I'm interested in getting lenses
They also carry some beauty products like BB creams, heated eyelash curler (cool!), beauty masks, etc.
What I REALLY liked was the contact lens cases!!

I don't know about you, but I'm a SUCKER for bows! TOO CUTE
Unfortunately this is only lens case they selling currently, so I'm excited to see if they sell more kinds in the future because I definitely want to stock up on these in a few weeks

They say that worldwide shipping is a flat rate of $4.50 (free for beauty products) but to the United States, it is SO FAST!(About a week) I really am shocked by this O__O! If you check out their shipping page they will give you example of shipping to the United States/Canada. I know that most shipping to United States would probably take average 2 weeks. But this site is NOT KIDDING when they said shipping to U.S. was about 7 days. If you take a look at their example, the recipients lived on the East Coast and that's where the lenses first arrive in the United States so I was expecting at least 3 more days for the lenses to go from Eastside of the country to the Westside (where I live).
I purchases the lenses on November 28
They arrived on December 7th.
I am so surprised!! My package went from ACROSS THE COUNTRY IN 1 DAY!

This part is what impressed me a lot! When they send emails it usually says Marco&Lisa or just Marco. Anyways, they kept me updated very well and was very polite/friendly! The first time I made a purchase he emailed me this:

"Thank you for your order . Also we confirm that we received the payment .
We will arrange the shipment with 24 hours !!"

Sweet! Only 24 hours unlike other sites that make you wait for DAYS!
The next day I got an email notifying me my order has been shipped and got a tracking number! Then shortly after I was contacted by them again saying:

"We just sent you the products , include the pink lenses case , this afternoon(Hong Kong time).
I think you have got the tracking number from paypal , RB482 323 638 HK
We will give you another $2 credit for color lenses because you
meet our requirement of reward programme . We hope you like this ."

See how informative they are? I love it! Also on the same day my lenses arrived, I got another email from Marco saying that my lenses should have arrived and yes they did!
It feels like they care a lot about their customers and make sure the package comes safely :)
Unlike other bad reviews from other websites that I heard about how the packages are late and the customer service is terrible (I heard some sites sometimes reply super late or ignore your email..)
But I assure you I dont think this site would ignore you like others!

Okay.. I been talking too much but I'll shutup now and show you photos

I ordered Princess Mimi Almond Brown for $21.90
(was $23.90 before discount, $26.40 with shipping)
I even got it in my prescription! Woot woot
Note: I used the HK tattoo to block my address
I got a card that said "Thank you for your order"
Bubble wrapped in 2 layers! Very careful they are~
Free lip mask! This is for me entering their giveaway on Jel's blog
Tip: If you order, ask for a certain lens case color in comment section!
Their business card ^____^
Everything looked nice and came safe 

 See the stickers? THESE ARE AUTHENTIC!
Lens on left, no lens right.
Lens both eyes!
Diamond Lash Angel Eyes(upper)&Lovely Eyes(bottom)

Morning look:
5 hours later still pretty comfty

Very nice if you want a natural look with enlargement.
Got a bit bothersome after 6 hours.

As for the free lip mask thing I got...
5 pieces for $5.15 with FREE SHIPPING! (I'll review my piece next week)

Sorry I wrote so dang much! Just wanted to be informal/detailed about my experience because I'm sure most of you never heard review from this site yet either

Also if you order from them and find yourself to not have an enjoyable experience like I did, I am really sorry  Please don't blame me!  Many sites always have negative/positive experiences, so yeah... I think it kinda depends on your luck you know?

Check them out here:


Yoshi said...

I love this review! It's so informative and so good to know how well your ordering worked out :) I would love to see more reviews like that but as for now I have to check out this shop :D
Hope you feel happy today :)

María (mei) said...

Wooow this color lenses are cutee *O* I want ones like this *O* ^^
And your hair is nice, I love it :D
Bye sweetie :D


Like a doll.
I want that lenses too. :)

Isabel said...

Nice... The lens has quite an enlarging effect while still looking natural. You looked lovely here btw ^_^

Jel ♡ said...

hello Vyvy :) im glad that you had a nice experience with colorlensworld :) and i couldnt agree with you more on the communication thing. marco and lisa really does reply to emails fast and always with courtesy.

im glad you enjoyed the purchase and congrats on the free stuff you got too :)

P.S. those lenses really look gorgeous on you. i might just get them next time :)

Lindsey Bows And Arrow said...

these look great on you!
so pretty!

great review as well!


MissFeelo said...

That's great to hear, I may just order from them now! I really want to hear about those lip masks... didn't know they existed!

jenwoonani said...

Wow, the customer service alone makes me want to purchase from them! Some people nowadays just don't understand exactly HOW IMPORTANT good customer service is! Thanks for reviewing them & I'll definitely be checking them out! :D

Yoyo said...

Wow one day O: Must be some priority package XD Makes your eyes look very dolly ^o^
Btw, the fish thing at the bottom of your blog is very addictive xD

SUSEIKI said...

Meeep really detailed review dear Vy :3
And your diamond lashes finally arrived :) do you like them? Ahaaaand cute pictures as always :) i wanna eat your face x3 kehehee.. And i like your haircolor :)

DebbZ said...

those lenses looks really good on you :D
I feel like getting the lenses too.


M'leikie said...

Wow awesome lenses!! Thanks for your comment at the necklace ;) I left a message for you at the post. Have a nice weekend!

Miko said...

Oh I'm glad you found a great buyer!
Perhaps I'll order from them the next time I buy lenses :3

.Kada said...

the contacts case are so cute! i want to try circle lens too but every time i try i close my eyes when they are like 6 inches away D: darn you auto closing eyes!

Vonnie said...

I've been thinking about ordering some lenses, and after seeing your great experience I think I know which company to order from. I don't think I've ever seen a place with such great customer service!

The lenses look fabulous on you! I can't wait to try them myself :)

cominica said...

this lens is huge and looks really natural, no doubt tsu-chan really love this lens :D

Jel ♡ said...

hi Vyvy, i replied to your comment about your giveaway entry but if incase you didnt see it, im saying its okay to comment again if you are adding some entries :)

Loveforfood said...

great lens.

Dalii♥ said...

I'd like to have these lenses *-*
They look great on you and look natural :)

❖❖мoɴιcα-αι❖❖ said...

omg you're so cute! and those cases ahhh! the ones i have are so generic lol i needa upgrade. I love how the lenses look on you; very natural. and LOL at your comment about the package being sent in one day.

Yoshi said...

I'm so curious about this lip mask. Does it contain Parrafinum Liquidum? (Mineral oil/Paraffin oil)?? And how did it work?


wen ♡ said...

Looks lovely~! I really love your hair, it looks so shiny and healthy.. <3 Lol at Springfield! XD I only know it from The Simpsons haha~

CupcakeChisa said...

I have the same lens.. Love this serie.
You look so cute with them. Very dolly eye ~~

ShinyPrettyThings said...

love the lenses on u!!! & the lip mask looks so interesting!

xiaoqing♥Aki said...

Ah, that's the lens I always wear! Hehehe. And that lip masks seems cool. O.O .

bunnycakez said...

cute. i love the lense case. my contact lense case looks so plain compared to yours =)

Nikt Ważny ♥ said...

Nice blog! I like the template and a lot of other things!
Take a look and maybe follow? Nikt Ważny ♥
love, Poppy :D

just Jennifer :3 said...

hunny! <3
i got the Almond pair too now, i'm gonna review them tomorrow ;D

aniwaaays they look gorgeously cute on you and thanks for recommending the site! the lens cases look cute indeed ^^

Vyvy said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments ladies ^__^ I usually reply on your own blog so that you can get the response =p

♥ ayuki ♥ said...

Vyvy, you're gorgeous! And the lenses looks fb on you. :D

CupcakeChisa said...

I have one par of this lens to! Love the dolly efect!

You look so cute and nice with them! And your make up is so great!

Jean said...

these lenses are so natural!

Anonymous said...
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ReeBz said...

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