Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Beuberry Peppy Pink Lens Review~! (Uniqso)

Today I'll be reviewing Beuberry Peppy Pink lenses which I won from a Uniqso facebook contest!
I got to choose 2 lenses and so I chose:
Beuberry Peppy Pink & Beuberry Peppy Purple
My boyfriend chose the purple one for me, and I chose pink because I thought it looked cute on the model photo~

Shipping was much faster than I thought,
It was sent on December 5th and arrived to me on December 13th!

Love the Christmas theme!!! ^___^
♥ Such a cute card!!! ♥
Purple Eyeliner! Apparently Uniqso now sells purple eyeliner by
I have NO idea how it looks like on anyone, but you can check it out here~
Love purple eyeliner ^___^ I use Milani brand from Target
♥Hello Kitty Glasses♥

I don't know about you, but I think this design is unique and I never seen much girls wear it! On the site it says it's 16mm with a water content of 55%
I really like these lenses, the pink isn't too bright in person which is good!

It costs only $15.90! If you want a pair, check it out here!

♥Once again I would love to thank Uniqso for the lenses and having the contest ♥

♥By the way, if you are wondering where I got my Hello Kitty Glasses, I'll be doing a review on them tomorrow and tell you where you can get a pair for yourself! Stay tuned ;)♥


Banny said...

Wow I really love the lenses! So pretty! I wish I could wear contacts :) I would purchase these. Loving your cross necklace too <3!

Mzx NiNi said...

They're very pretty! Love the color!!

Babi said...

wow~~ congrats on winning the lenses!~~ they're very nice, ^_^ ~

i remember your review about HK lashes too!! yeah, indeed it helped me in decided to try them^^^ your reviews are lovely :)

keep it up<3

Chloe Nghiem said...

that's so pretty for a pink and purple lens. can't wait to see your review on the frames, i'm not a fan of hk but i love the design!! D:


Yoshi said...

Wah you're so beautiful as always :) And I love your necklace and those Hello Kitty glasses :)


Janet said...

you are the few people who carries these kind of lenses so pretty and gorgeous...Not me, once I tried a green colored lens and my bro told me I look like a ultimate weirdo...-______- BTW, are you wearing some lipstick/gloss on your lips cuz' its so pretty!!....I want a shade like that too..your its just your natural lip color...so lovely..=)


The pink contact lense suits your eyes. Pretty:)
Im afraid to try pink lense, i may look weird with pink lense.

Marion ♥ said...

Omgggg. I love the HK glasses Vyvy! :D

Loveforfood said...

Love the color!!

LemonberryLulu said...

omgheeee glassess <3 >.< love the lenses with purple eyeliner

Jace said...

can i know whr did u get that kitty spec from? =D

Anonymous said...

i think they look a little tooo alien-like on u.. :/

Lindsey Bows And Arrow said...

i really like these!

the touch of pink is so cute and you look so pretty in them!

lindsey |

MissFeelo said...

16mm?!!!!!!!!!!! wah, I'm surprised they don't look massive on you. They look quite nice actually!! It's really nice of them to be all Xmas themed!

CupcakeChisa said...

Love this color! Look super cute with them!

But thah I really love are the Kitty Glasse! Sooo cute! I want one! Where you buy them?

Dalii♥ said...

of course you don't look strangers in anonymous as he says I think you look beautiful and
cute~~ >w< lenses look great on you and your makeup is cool, i love your purple eyeliner <3

.Kada said...

OMMGGG I LOVE YOUR HELLO KITTY GLASSESSS ♥!! the contacts look really nice on you tooo ^^

just Jennifer :3 said...

ohmy you look so good in them <3
and i LOVE the purple eyeliner!!
your eye make looks absolutely gorgeous here :D
and jeeez i want your HK glasses .__o

Honey said...

You got such pretty eyes @.@!<3

Yoyo said...

The boxes they come in are so cute~! Hehhe choosing the really unique colours lol~ But the pink looks somewhat natural~!
I've never thought about purple eyeliner O: New~ :D
The Hello Kitty glasses are so cool! XD

Vonnie said...

I really like the purple liner on you. Paired with the lenses it really pops!

(If this double posts, I apologize. My net spazzed and may have eaten the first comment I tried to leave XD)

Jen★彡 said...

Congrats on winning! :) Gosh, you have such pretty, big eyes! You always look amazing with circle lenses. And I WILL definitely want to know where you got those glasses! LOOL. I remember seeing them and was hesitant on buying them, but now I totally forgot WHERE i saw them at. Grrr. :)

Jel ♡ said...

omg the pink lenses are so pretty on you :)
and lok at those hello kitty glasses.
love them <3
and your necklace is so cool too :3

Dark Heart 2011 said...

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xiaoqing♥Aki said...

Yayyy lucky you! ^^. I haven't tried pink lens before! And it looks good on you! ^^

Eccentricxcrush said...

Hello, Nice Blog. :)

Wah, you won a contest. I never win those.

You look good with those pink lens.

I also really like the cross necklace you are wearing. May I ask where you got that from?

BEBE said...

awwww.. you're so gorgeous VyVy!! :D
congratulations for winning that photo contest at uniqso! :D you deserve it! <3

BEBE said...

I think I lost the comment I posted a while ago. :( anyway, here's another one in case you wouldn't receive that previous one. :)

wow! You look gorgeous Vyvy!! :D
and congratulations for winning the giveaway!
you deserve it! :) I also like the review. so detailed :D uniqso is the sweetest company I have ever encountered in my circle lens life. LMAO XD

Take care bb! :D

Loveforfood said...

they are awesome. i just love the colour. it suits you well.

Jace said...

Thankss~~ xD
I'll have a look of it

Yoshi said...

Dear Vyvy I wish you a very merry Christmas and a beautiful time with your loved ones!


Manli said...

Wow, you're lucky to win 2 pair of circle lenses! Cute blog (:

norahjade said...

omg the color is so pretty and it suits you so well !!! and the glasses too !
where you bought that necklace :o ?!?!?! it's so lovely ..
okay You're just amazing/gorgeous doll <3~

Jean said...

the lens look very pretty, they don't look too pink <3 and your glasses are really cute :D

NaTT said...

The lenses are so cute...and your Kitty's glasses so kawaiii!You look so cute.
Merry Christmas!<3

Jen Umm said...


this is incred, love the photos
Great post, thanks for sharing!

if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
let me know!

Jessi said...

Omigosh, all the packaging is so cute!! You look really good in those lenses, and the purple eyeliner goes perfectly with the lenses. Thanks for the review!

cominica said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday!!
The lens design looks like leopard, lol look so good on you!! :D

★00★ said...

Those glasses are mad cute *___* Waaah ! Cute lenses too! I don't think I can pull pink ones off.

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