Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy New Year~ KAWAII PET MEGU! ^__^

Today is back to school for me and the start of new classes! =(

As for the lip mask review I said I would do, the thing is I tried it but I don't know if I used it right..? LOL I'll talk about my experience with it soon, but as for now it seems that not much change has happened, I think I need to use the mask more than once for better effects, so I'll be ordering another set of masks soon! Let's just say that the first lip mask usage helped a little bit with my dry lips.

The instructions said to use lip mask 2 times a week, and I only had one piece so I guess I shall order more and hopefully it works out~!
So far it seems that immediately my lips felt soft after removing the mask, but about an hour later my lips returned to its original condition (dry) but felt a little bit better.
After first use I rate it: 3.5/5
I also decided to redye my hair, I wanted to go somewhat dark red again but the color dye Burgundy turned out tooo dark for my taste >.< Hoping to redye again to a red like my previous hair in a few weeks...

I miss my lighter hair!!! >.<

Anyways, I hope to whoever is celebrating the lunar new year is having a good day, and have a great year!! <3

On another note.. Anyone play Kawaii Pet Megu?

Kawaii Pet Megu is a FREE iPhone game, and I really like it because I love having pet games, I used to own like 6 tamagotchis LOL!
The only downfall is that to "walk" and "play toss" with your pet takes so many hours of waiting >__<
Oh well! I really like some of the evolutions!

My username is MzVyvy, what is yours? ^^


Amelia said...

Megu! I'm playing it too although I rarely check my pet XD

LemonberryLulu said...

love your hair color! It's still nice :) I'm quite the opposite of you, I've never really enjoyed pet games except for nintendogs. I don't know, I'm more of the store game kind of person like pocket potions :)

chaya bunny said...

I'm retardedly addicted to that game. I like that if you just have friends on Twitter who have the game, they are automatically on your friends list. :D

Yoshi said...

So cute :D I want to play that too <3

SUSEIKI said...

happy new year, too!
ou and I love how you look in the photos :) so pretty!
And good luck for your new classes!

Beata Megan said...

i love ur new hair color! :) u're so pretty :)

Ulia Ali said...

OMG! You're soooo pretty! Like a doll <3

View From Heels

cominica said...

Happy new year!! :D you look so pretty~
That game is sooo kawaii, I wanna try it too :D

Babi said...

cute pictures!~

and that looks like a cute game, i wanna do it! lol


EmixLea said...

Your megu is so cute! I started playing megu about a week ago, and I love it so much!


Vonnie said...

Even if it did come out too dark, the color did turn out nice. I always used a similar color, though to achieve the nice red results I would lighten first. It made the color come out more brilliant.

Dalii♥ said...

I also usually have that problem with my lips so don't wear lipstick :( i once saw a video giving tips and home remedies that were soft and i was served! although the effects don't last all day so I try to always wear a lip balm :)

Usually the result isn't like the picture of the case but i think you look good that highlights the color of your skin you look cute!
And the game looks so adorable!
btw today i received the stickers! *^* thank you♥
have a nice day!

MissFeelo said...

That game looks so cute! I remember hunting for a good tomodachi type game for my droid but couldn't find anything good so I just gave up. lol ><

Anonymous said...

omygosh im so going to try this out! i love pet games too! you still look great with dark hair btw =3

❖❖мoɴιcα-αι❖❖ said...

you look great with dark hair!!! don't worry :D makes you look sexy and mature!
and everyone has a megu pet @.@ trying not to give into it haha

xiaoqing♥Aki said...

Nice hair colour! ^_^ And pet megu is so cuteee. Sadly I don't think it's available for android phone... >< Hehehhee.

Jel ♡ said...

i also want to dye my hair red but idk why i cant seem to make it red. haha it always appear darker or almost black :| i have tried burgundy before and yeah its really a dark shade which can be mistaken for black. hope you get your new hair soon =)

myoubi said...

I think the dark hair color suits you really good! Looks like a doll <3

THT Christina said...

New follower here~ haha I saw this post and went to download the game xD I haven't seen you in other colors yet though, just started following haha ^^;; But I think you look great in dark hair!

From, :)

NaTT said...

As ever you look so adorable in the photos!!
I haven't i phoone, but the pet-game looks so kawaii , wanna tryy T______T

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I like it,
the color looks great :)


Taylor said...

I play Kawaii Pet Megu. My username is vaporeon and my megu is a
MEGU-MI named bob. bob is level 177.

Taylor said...

BTW, on walk, you can just press the arrow on the bottom right corner and you get your prize and you are home.

CupcakeChisa said...

Happy New Year, to you too!
I like the color! Looks great~

I want to play that too, but I don´t have Iphone t.t

.Kada said...

you hair looks really pretty with that color! and omg that game is adorable i'm going to download it now =X ahaha btw, i tagged you in my recent post :D

THT Christina said...

Omgsh, kay... so after a while, I decided to dl the game... HAHAHA
Anywho.. Mine is THT christina and I visited your pets xD

Anonymous said...

My username is Maggie🔥 visit me if you like the hunger games

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