Friday, January 6, 2012

♥ December Hauls ♥ (pic spam)

With December comes a lot of Christmas shopping, and it's sooooo hard to resist buying a thing for yourself here and there, anyone agree? LOL
I came across a lot of good deals, or just cute items that I could not resist getting... >.<

PS: I already sent all the giveaway winners their prizes on Tuesday
Praying it will all arrive safetly! ♥

Here's photos of my CHEAPEST hauls, everything was $2.50 or less!!!

Roll-on Eye Shadow!!!
-My fave type because so easy and portable to use
Dramatic Lashes for fun ;)
Candy Hair Ties- These remind me of Tsubasa Masuwaka (◕‿◕)♥
Cherry Blossom scent and Peony Rose scent, Gift sets that were 50% off
Facial masks $1 each, my first ever face masks!
Many cheap earrings, literally $2 a pair!!!! >.<
$2 Necklace, it reminds me of a Dream Catcher

The rest that were more than $3:

HK earbuds- $10 from a local gift shop
Press-on False Nails
Animal Earmuffs, $5 each
Headphones $9

What did you guys get for yourself in December, if anything?


MissFeelo said...

how do you find the quality of the roll on shadow?

Honey from said...

oooh what a good deal! I love the eyeshadows!!

min-min said...

everything here is just beautiful ;-; but my favourite is the HK nails!

Bunny said...

Are those candy hair tyes squidgy??(//▽//)~ I want those bunny ear muffs they look adorable <3

Jace said...

haha~ I got a lot of bow hair accessories that I'm not going to use them probably~ They're just for collection xD haha~

Tetsu said...

So great stuff *___* I like the dramatic lashes!

I bought a lot of Accessories. So many things were in SALE! I just couldn't resist!

Dalii♥ said...

oh! everything is so cute! *-*

Anonymous said...

cuteness <3

Jade in The Palace said...

oh noooo so cuteeee >.<*

LaPetiteIchigo said...

This is ultra cute HAUL, everything is soo cute, lovely and pretty. And WOW for amazing price for that headphones, i wanna them too ><~ :D
roll-on eyeshadows i like too, easy to use and good effect :))
oh and another big ♥ for feather earrings and that necklace :)
btw really nice blog :)

Nana said...

Everything is so cute!!!

Renée said...

OMGOSH, I'm about to head to icing! Those earrings are fabulous!

Lita said...

such cute buys! :) I love the hello kitty earphones! ^^

Banny said...

Wow everything is so adorable and cute !
I love your buys!
So cheap omg!

Daphne K. Lee said...

The bunny earmuffs are so cute! I saw one in the chinatown here in New York and it was like $12 so I didn't buy it :[

cominica said...

That earmuffs is really caught my eyess~~ so cuteeee >_<

aMz88 said...

suggeh kawaii haul :3

Yoshi said...

Amaaaaaaaaazing :D I'm also in the middle of Christmas shopping and the stuff you got is soooo cute :D
I can't wait to show you what I got ^^

I tell you one day I'll stop by your house and steal all that cute things from you :D


pricillia lumantoro said...

so cutee!

wen ♡ said...

How cute! :3 I love the key earrings~~Btw, I tagged you here: ♡

Tianwen Lee said...

Omg, I'm totally craving for those roll on eyeshadows now!!!!!! D: Great hauls btw (y)

Please join my eyelashes giveaway if you'd like!

♥ ayuki ♥ said...

Fall in love with those candy hair ties! ♥‿♥

♥, Tia (:

NaTT said...

Headphones are my passion! But all the stuff is so cute!! >.< I can't resist to buy cute things like those! >o<

Marion ♥ said...

Vyvy! The candy hair ties are so cute ♥♥ :D

xiaoqing♥Aki said...

Ahhh those animal earmuff is so adorable! Especially the panda one! Hehehe! -Panda lover-

CupcakeChisa said...

oh! nice hauls! love the candy hair ties, are so cute! And all earrings :D

Really headphones $9? I want one!

Kumiko Mae said...

i love face masks! i hope you enjoyed your masks! :D I have tons and would be happy to do a beauty swap with you if you like :)

.Kada said...

gASP! i have those panda earmuffs too!! :DD super cute haul!

Vonnie said...

Hello Kitty press on nails! *squeals* I have to look for those!

The candy hair ties are adorable. I've got to keep my eyes out for something similar for my goddaughter. She would lose her mind over the cute ^.^

blushpassion said...

great haul. those earmuffs are so adorable!

Amandine.M said...

the false nails are so cute!! *o*

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