Monday, January 30, 2012

EVOLUTION! From the Past to the Present! PIC SPAM~

So like, my phone charger been broken so I can't upload pics from my phone until I get new one! NOooOooOoooooo!!! I was going to post 2 review, photo diary, etc but oh well haha~
Time to post OLD PHOTOS!!!
This is my transition/evolution throughout all the years since uhh... a long while ago lol
Oh the horror...
 Sadly I went to prom dateless because my ex bf dumped me 3 days before prom day... At least I had fun though with my friends!
 Creeper friend in the background... HAHAH

 Pretty crazy evolution compared to most of my friends hahah
Btw the last pic, it's not contacts, it's just photo edit for fun =P


SUSEIKI said...

aw I love to see how people change :D
you look just great in your promdress! really really great! *-*
And I love your curls in the 3rd picture above your prom photo. (if you understand which photo i mean :D)
awsome work, miss vyvy :)

Masha Kapatasha said...

so intresting to watch how you grew up, you were such a cute baby and now you look great!:)

Steffi said...

wow what a ahcnage through the years! cute blog girl ;)

Taylor said...

Cute! I love kawaii pet megu...

xiaoqing♥Aki said...

Wow, you used to be so Jrocker-ish! And the prom dress is really pretty! ^_^

THT Christina said...

I love looking at before and after photos, I don't have many of myself so I can't compile something like this :( But omgsh, are you still into visual kei?? If yes, you are AWESOME! Haha and hope you get a new phone! It sucks not having one >.<

Jel ♡ said...

lol at the "horror" haha
look at you now so pretty ^^
but i love your old pics, specially the ones with the eyeliner and cool outfits. you are so cool ^_^

Yoshi said...

Soooooo beautiful! You have been a princess since you were born, I knew it :) And you were so beautiful at the prom :) Amazing.

<3 love those pics!!


BEBE said...

OMG! This is cool! You're giving me ideas of doing something like this too! <3 I love it! :) I love the whole transformation! :)

Yesha said...

kawaii :)
It is nice to see someone change :) I so love the dress and the photo that you wore a sawg shades <3

lissy said...

you are still so beautiful
love your prom dress, the colours amazing :)

Vonnie said...

I love going through old pictures and watching how much change has happened over the years. Do you ever look back and cringe? I know I do, haha!

Your prom dress is beautiful, btw. I wore something similar to my own prom, only in all black. It's really flattering. That color looks amazing on you.

just tututiny said...

I love blast from the past photos ;) They are so fun to view! Thanks for sharing them!

Have a great weekend my dear!

bee. said...

How pretty you've become! Not that you were ugly when you were younger (like me! LOL)!

I hope to be as cute as you soon! ^_^

Amandine.M said...

wow you've changed so much!!! So cute the pic of u when you were a child! =)
you're lovely!

q0q0 said...

You look so cute when you're younger ^^

Now more pretty and gorgeous <3

The prom look was super gorgeous ^^

~*He's lost a gem*~

EveryDay Makeup blog said...

Vy, it so cool and fun to see your younger pics. I definitely see a lot of changes with your hair and style, but you still have the same beautiful face.

cominica said...

I think you still look pretty in the past until now XDXDXD way more prettier than mine! XD
Thanks for sharing this, I probably don't dare to put my old pictures LMAOO more horror and nightmare XD

just Jennifer :3 said...

wooooww you had sooo many stylesss xDD
LOLOL i also went trough the emo-scene period hahahaa! and the harajuku period as well = ='ohlordz.

but you look pretty gorgeous in every pic ;D

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