Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas 2011~! Pic-Spam~

How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was pretty hectic before the actual day because after finals I had 1 week to shop for presents, and I had to celebrate on the 22, 23, 24 and 25 with 2 different groups of friends and my family!

Here were the presents I bought and wrapped
fun fun fun! but wounded my wallet a lot x)

I also helped my 8 year old niece make some clay figures for her mommy (my sister) and her mom's bf! She made a ninja (for mom) and a DJ(mom's bf)!
I was amazed at how GREAT they turned out! So cute ^__^

On the 22nd I had secret santa exchange with close friends!
This is all our presents together: (5 of us)
Now everything OPENED!
I was amazed at how much my secret santa got me, it was too much kindness from her! ^___^ awwww
Everything was sooo colorful!! Love it! <3
I also got these boots from another friend that day:

We also had pizza for dinner yummmy~

On the 23rd I had mini party with some high school friends!
I got these banana pencils and pouch and lots of candy!

On the 24th I had date day with my bf! We ate out at an all you can eat korean bbq restaurant and watched some movies ^___^

My outfit of that day:

This is what he got me:
Something to hang on my wall! Cute! <3
Samples that came with a Sephora package!
Sooo many colors! Yay!! Time to play with makeup ^__^
 I got him: (except the gift card, that was from sisters)
Dragonite plush, 5 Personally made One Piece charms, a T-shirt

Christmas Day!!
So cute!! Stick on nails ^___^
Another pair of black boots!! Black version of brown boots I had ^^
Sailormoon jacket!!!
OMG Pikachu too!! so CUTEE >.<
The back of the pikachu jacket:
Dinner, it was like Thanksgiving all over <3


KASSIDY said...

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa everything is just so flippin cute! I'm glad you had a good Christmas and happy new year, dear!

Babi said...

ormygahhh u had such a good time!!!~~~ great gifts^^^ happy new year, sweetie!<3

Jel ♡ said...

wow you really got a lot of presents.. lucky ^_~ haha i wanted to have something similar to those boots but i have a feeling our tropical weather wouldnt permit me to wear those u_u

P.S. pika pika hoodie is so kawaii^^ me likey :)

chaya bunny said...

Haha omg. That pizza dinner is almost identical to the one my friend and I had before she left for Christmas vacation. xD It was so long since I'd had pizza delivered, I was wtf-ing at how big the pizza box was lol.

Honey from said...

ooooooh so much cute stuff ><!!

Shasha said...

hyaa lots of gifts!!
The pikachu jacket is soo cutee..

NaTT said...

>.<*Kyaaaa* Gifts are soooo kawaii. Enjoy the stuff!

Nana said...

the pikachu jacket reminds me of kigurumi!! >w<

BEBE said...

mine was super hectic too! o__O I wasn't even able to dress-up for Christmas eve. lmao! :))

I envy your sephora buys.. I wish we had sephora here too :(

xoxo: | ♥

Jade in The Palace said...

wow what a HUGE christmas gifts haul! :D
the sephora palette is amazing! >.<


cominica said...

Wowwww so many giftss, I love to see it! And your outfit is so cuteee :D

Jasmin said...

Happy New Year dear :D
damn you had a really cool christmas with very funny presents - starring at this strawberry bag thingy xD
Hope to see you wearing the sailor monn jacket,too. ^.^

♪ Vernissage and Cream ♫

Vonnie said...

I'm so glad you had an amazing Christmas. I love the outfit you wore on your date!

Happy New Year! I wish you the best in 2012!

MissFeelo said...

OMG SAILOR MOON JACKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am totally in love with that strawberry bag from the secret santa list! haha

And it's nice to see all your clay figures, they turned out so great!

CupcakeChisa said...

wouuu so many presents! love the sailor moon and pikachu jacket :D

your outfit are so cute! love it!

Hiyoko said...

The Sailor Moon Jacket is awesome *_*
I have the feeling I need one :D

Greetings :)
It would be a pleasure if ou visit my blog!

SUSEIKI said...

I loooove your outfit, Miss VyVy :)
And the present wrapped as a strawberry is just awsome :D
I am really excited for your new make up with this huge number of colours !

And I really enjoy your pic spam posts :)

Yoyo said...

Wow you sure were busy! XD
Awwww your Boyfriend is so sweet~ >w<
Pikachuuuu~!! So cuute!! <3

.Kada said...

OMG SAILORMOON + PIKACHU + PANDAS?! thats one heck of a christmas you had!!!

Vonnie said...

I've tagged you in my 11 Questions tag!

Dalii♥ said...

All gifts are very cute! *^* I had one Christmas a little quiet, but ultimately sad :(
I received some gifts but of all, I loved my boots ~

Happy New Year! That 2012 will be a great year for your family and you! *hug* ^^/

just Jennifer :3 said...

you got sooo many presentss > <
hope you had a wonderful time! :D

Chococcuro said...

wow you guys are so serious about christmas! I only got three presents this Christmas, all from my housemates xD

I have to say those figures you guys made are really good!

xiaoqing♥Aki said...

Wowww you got so many pressieeees. I love alll of them, especially your boots and that pikachu outfit. Hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Gosh that's heaps! And I love your white lace dress!!!! That's superb!

Crystal said...

wow you brought a lot of presents!
I brought a lot of socks too xd
your socks are so cute

EveryDay Makeup blog said...'s like the presents were never ending! Hoe fun. You look lovely as always :)

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