Monday, January 30, 2012

EVOLUTION! From the Past to the Present! PIC SPAM~

So like, my phone charger been broken so I can't upload pics from my phone until I get new one! NOooOooOoooooo!!! I was going to post 2 review, photo diary, etc but oh well haha~
Time to post OLD PHOTOS!!!
This is my transition/evolution throughout all the years since uhh... a long while ago lol
Oh the horror...
 Sadly I went to prom dateless because my ex bf dumped me 3 days before prom day... At least I had fun though with my friends!
 Creeper friend in the background... HAHAH

 Pretty crazy evolution compared to most of my friends hahah
Btw the last pic, it's not contacts, it's just photo edit for fun =P